Tarek-El-Moussa Net Worth

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“Obviously, there’s a lot more riding on my skills when I’m the only one there, so it’s just a little bit more pressure.” – Tarek-El-Moussa

Net worth10 million USD
Age40 years
Birthday21 August 1981
CountryLong Beach, California, United States

Tarek-El-Moussa is one of America’s most dazzling reality Tv SHOW actors. He is the evergreen star of the HGTV hit series “Flip or Flop” which is currently in its seventh season. Tarek-El-Moussa was as young as twenty-one years old when he got his first break in Orange County, California. Tarek-El-Moussa is a top-notch actor and he is deeply loved and appreciated by the audience all over the world. “Flip or Flop” is a reality TV show which is rated 6.1/10 on IMDB.

The show is based on Tarek-El-Moussa and Christina-El-Moussa’s professional lives which are filled with highs and lows. After the lows got too shallow, they had to switch their careers as real estate agents to something different and funky, wondering what? Don’t be late to start binge-watching the series today itself!

Relentless charisma, palpable energy a strong aura, and the ability to captivate and engage the audience make Tarek-El-Moussa extremely special. Simply by only watching a single episode, you won’t be able to resist coming back to the show again and again. It takes real and proficient talent to make a subject such as “real estate” interesting and engaging for the audience. The show is co-hosted by his former wife, Christina Haack, though divorced. Despite their separated ways, the couple still remains universally loved.

Tarek-El-Moussa has proven to be one of the prominent and extremely talented men in flipping houses. Tarek’s net worth as of 2020 is a whopping amount of 10 million USD. Tarek—El-Moussa has had a remarkable journey. He stepped into television in 2011 with the renovation show “Flip or Flop”. The former couple has been working on the show for a decade, both of them make quite a large bit and they both have their individual series. Tarek’s show “Flipping 101” with Tarek-El-Moussa was launched in the year 2019. He earned quite impressive money. 

Properties owned by Tarek-El-Moussa

Tarek-El-Moussa has a new home in Newport Beach, California that he’s currently renovating with his fiancé Heather Rae Young. While he is in front of the camera, we know what he does and how he does his work and from the camera, he remains busy with multiple projects. There are rumors that Tarek owns eight properties that are not out on the market yet. In just a matter of a few months, Tarek has flipped houses of over a million dollars. These prices range either low seven-figures or mid-six figures. To this date, approximately 300 houses have been flipped by Tarek-El-Moussa. 

Cars owned by Tarek-El-Moussa

Tarek likes cars which give him a truck vibe and is humongous. Below is the list of his collection

  • Lamborghini Gallardo
  • GMC Denali truck
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

When asked about his favorite destination he sounded firm with his answer of “Orange County” as his roots lie there along with abundant relishable memories.

Tarek-El-Moussa Personal Life

Tarek-El-Moussa Personal Life

Tarek-El-Moussa tied knots with Christina Haack in the year 2009. The couple is blessed with two children: Taylor who is ten years old and Brayden who is five years old. Unfortunately, they both couldn’t make it through together and their marriage soon culminated into divorce. They separated in the year 2016 after their seven years of marriage. We finally know why Christina and Tarek split. The reasons are a lot more complicated than you might have thought.

Get ready for the details. Right when Christina and Tarek were at the height of the HGTV Fliporflop fame in the year 2013, things took a turn, and not for the better. There was a major health scare as Tarek-El-Moussa was diagnosed with multiple cancers and given how busy the couple was with the show, this diagnosis though disheartening and tough, but their relationship was through a roller-coaster ride. Cancer actually didn’t ruin their marriage but it couldn’t have been easy to deal with as a couple.

For the couple, their busy schedules and Tarek’s health concerns brought them plenty of stress. Initially, they tried to work on their problems with the help of therapy, for any couple however finding time to spend together can be hard especially when you have kids, health issues, and a high-pressure job so it was the same for Christina and Tarek. These reasons are responsible partly for what led to their divorce.

Tarek said, “We were so busy, we never slowed down to be present to each other and talk about things that were bothering us.” After hashing things out in the therapy, the couple realized they need to part ways from this marriage. While Christina and Tarek-El-Moussa were busy filming episode after episode for FliporFlop and Tarek was dealing with treatments for cancer, they also had something more to consider, more children.

While the couple already had a daughter, Taylor, they had to decide whether they wanted more kids, specifically because of Tarek’s conditions they had to make quick decisions. Unfortunately, the couple had two failed IVF with one ended in a tragic miscarriage at eight weeks. Every marriage has its ups and downs but for Christina and Tarek, the downs seemingly never stopped.

Between health concerns, work stress, and raising children the couple never really had the time to just be together and as they revealed whenever they indeed were together, they’d just be fighting. His recent personal life has been anything but boring. The couple’s post-divorce relationship is quite strange compared to the stereotypes. Tarek has moved on in his life and beautifully fulfills his duty of co-parenting his children with Christina.

Tarek-El-Moussa lesser-known facts

Tarek said he never expected to get on television and called the experience “nerve-racking”. Tarek and Christina met at a real-estate office. Christina said, “We started our relationship working together. “After undergoing several rounds of in-vitro treatments, Christina became pregnant, and therefore the couple welcomed a healthy, happy baby boy within the year 2015.

Tarek’s favorite number is 21 as he got his first real-estate license at 21. One day, Tarek randomly decided to ask a lover to shoot a fast demo that resulted in his Flip or Flop audition tape. The 2008 recession hit their commercial enterprise hard. Tarek and Christina traded a home with a 6,000 USD per month mortgage for a 700 USD per month rental to save money.

Then HGTV came calling. Tarek suffered from thyroid cancer, which was discovered after a viewer emailed him about his enlarged gland. As of 2013, Tarek and Christina were making 10,000 USD per episode of Flip or Flop. Their real-estate agency, called Tarek and Christina: The El Moussa Group, is still running in Orange County, CA.

They also own a real-estate education seminar company called Success Path, which hosts seminars that allow aspiring flippers to find out the tricks of the trade. Their Escalade was stolen from outside an extended Beach, CA, flip in 2013. The story has a happy ending, though.

The car was found by the police shortly after, and El Moussa ended up selling the car to an employee. He told Real Estate Wealth magazine in a 2014 interview, “I enjoy the chase of the properties, the rush you get when you find them, the design and the transformation, and the profit at the end.” Tarek and Christina have been guest judges on Brother vs. Brother with HGTV stars Jonathan and Drew Scott. Tarek’s sister bought one among their flipped Orange County homes in 2014.

Tarek-El-Moussa is currently planning on his big wedding with his beloved fiancé Heather Rae young and we wish the couple all the very best and a lifetime of togetherness.