Oyo to pay 8 months’ salary as part of Covid-19 bereavement support


Oyo Rooms (stylized as OYO) is an India international hospitality brand that includes rented and licensed resorts, apartments, and living areas. OYO was established in 2014 by Ritesh Agarwal and consisted primarily of inexpensive motels at the time. Ritesh Agarwal founded Oravel Lodgings in 2012 to facilitate the advertising and purchasing of low-cost hotels; in 2013, the company changed its name to OYO. OYO collaborates with hoteliers to provide a consistent visitor experience in different locations. Ritesh Agarwal got a $100,000 Thiel Scholarship funding from Charles Schwab shortly after starting Oravel Holds.

In India and Abroad just, the corporation engages in the capital, appoints GMs to supervise process and customer service, and creates nearly a million job possibilities. In addition, OYO has established 26 educational institutions across India for hotel aficionados. Numerous press stories and social network posts reported that OYO had declared bankruptcy in April 2021, however CEO Ritesh Agarwal confirmed that this was not the case.

He did reveal, nevertheless, that the National Company Law Court (NCLAT) began a bankruptcy proceeding against OYO Hotels in response to a hotelier’s request regarding a financial disagreement with the business. They’ve offered grief assistance for workers who died as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

In the case that a worker dies as a result of Covid-19, Oyo will provide 8 months of income and a defined benefit equal to three periods of annual income to the worker’s household. The business would also fund the schooling of the worker’s offspring (up to two offspring) and provide health insurance for the worker’s wife and kids for a period of 5 years worth up to Rs 10 lakhs.

In addition to paid leave, the worker’s lawful successors and proxies will be given the chance to liquidate and settle completed choices or executed stocks when the next volatility situation happens. Oyo’s CEO and Founder Ritesh Agarwal stated, “Throughout this period, the well-being of Oyopreneurs and the households is our biggest focus.”

“Regrettably, several of our coworkers have succumbed to Covid-19, therefore we believe that our mourning assistance would have been of assistance to bereaved families.”

Oyo also said that it has provided covid-related medical coverage to its senior executives, providing membership to ‘Oyo Covid Advocates,’ a group of over 220 individuals in over 50 locations who guarantee responsiveness and assistance for factual info on venues, oxygenation, medications, and Oyo-sourced oxygenation reflectors and canisters.

Oyo, according to Agrawal, seeks to bring more about its workers as well as the “expanded Oyo community.” Around 600 workers and associated relatives got just immunized in Delhi-NCR as part of a vaccination program organized by Oyo in collaboration with Maximum Health coverage. Additional campsites for the remaining workforce are being put up all over the country, according to the business.

“We understand that losing a loved one is difficult, but regardless of the circumstances, we will help our OYOpreneurs and one’s families in any way we can,” Agrawal stated. “We’re not going to stop now. Developers would like to do more, not only for OYO people, however for their entire OYO community, in accordance with their current COVID worker rules.

They have to assist people who have made OYO what it really is now rather than before.” Since more households are getting severely affected and many local economies in jeopardy, there are some firms that have stood up and given accountability for their workers ahead of the curve. While we continue to learn more about the disease and its numerous forms, the sorrow and anguish that permeates the country’s daily experience transcends description.

Indicating that the fight toward COVID-19 is far from done, OYO creator and Group CEO Ritesh Agarwal expressed his optimism that the company’s ability will help alleviate the many challenges encountered by grieving families.


The pandemic’s second wave has been devastating and has caused havoc in the world. In such tough times, companies like OYO are taking steps to help their employees and their families which is a really good initiative. This is the time where we need each other’s support be it mentally and physically. We should learn from their efforts and try to apply the same in our lives.

Updated: June 7, 2021 — 6:42 pm

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