Kroger Feedback

Kroger Feedback Survey has a great aim to collect important feedback from consumers. There is a survey website as in which the survey updates about the offer to the customer with a valid receipt.

It gives the prospect to customers to go away feedback on their most up-to-date Kroger store visit experience through The Kroger company then uses the info it gets to enhance products and services to satisfy consumer expectations.

Here in this article, I even have explained the way to complete the Kroger Customer Feedback Survey at and win the prize. The main features and the service here they provide are to be remarkable and have to be recognized for such a unique way of serving. The service for customers, the way they treat us creates really away, in which the customer would note himself and feel free to visit here often as regular customers.

Especially, the work which has to handled and also the service which they have provided to customers was so delightful. There was really more range of different product for which the customer is required and provides ways and choices of buying products in different ways was really to be appreciable.


The most impressive part of customer service is treating customers with the better way and the response they receive back from the customer was neutral, that is even if they treat them good or bad, it’s our employer’s duty to serve them as customers because they are “customers” and they have the rights to question the employee regarding the service and also products that are offered.

They politely listen and show the location of products that customers find difficult to search. It’s definitely worth suggesting to my friends and family. As I was one of the main regular customers and in addition to it, the service and the product range, they provide here are clean, good, safe and healthy, as it contains affordable price compared to other places.


It’s a family specialty store and they are the all-time customers who visit the store, which is most recommendable to purchase all the basic essentials. The location would be near to easily visit the store mostly at a walkable distance even to purchase any products immediately in times of emergency. The customers they have are the busy people working around here and also they receive online orders from nearby places and they are excited to delight more bulk orders.

The next and most huge popular customers are children, who are fond of this taste and they prefer this food and they also have homemade healthy food packages. Teenagers often visit here when they return from school or university, they visit over here or order some products through online service. These customers are common people like family or teenagers for emergency breakfast and to purchase their need and cause soon.


There is a wide range and varieties of products all over the store with different brands. They are arranged according to customer buying type and analyzing their behavior. The store is maintained with proper visual merchandise which makes customers look upon it more attracts people towards their visual appearance.

Cleanliness is at its top, that is occasionally maintained and repeatedly cleaning the place which makes the customer stay in store for more time. They somehow follow the new ethics in which it makes them purchase all products, even for a customer who thought about buying only limited products. There are loads and varieties of products with different brands of product available in the market over there.

Generally, the name suggests its quality and also it makes people visit the store more often as they become as occasional customer to buy the products. It influences people’s taste and their interest in buying behavior is identified so that makes them visit that particular section automatically. Children’s section is arranged with preferred products which attract them to purchase and attracts with different ranges. It has its own store brand that is Kroger Store-Brand Products which are at its best.


We know — store-brand products aren’t usually worth getting excited about. But Kroger is changing that. According to a press release, Kroger offers over 30,000 Our Brands items, and we’ve found a few we’re excited about.

The company’s Our Brands lineup of private-label products is formed from the subsequent brands: Kroger, Private Selection, Simple Truth, Simple Truth Organic, and HemisFares. This line-up provides an upscale variety that’s rare within the world of store-brand products. From the economical Kroger brand products to the gourmet-quality Private Selection products to the health-conscious Simple Truth products, there is a lot to settle on from.

Lucky for you, we put the products to the test. They tried 47 products from Kroger’s store brands, and we’ve determined our favorites. From pantry staples to dishes and beyond, keep reading to ascertain our picks for the 12 best store-brand products from Kroger.

1. Private Selection Black Forest Trail Mix

The Black Forest snack mix is that the decadent afternoon pick-me-up you have been trying to find. Walnuts, almonds, cherries, and bittersweet chocolate chunks (generous-sized chunks I’d add) close to form a filling and delicious snack. “Love the bittersweet chocolate, it isn’t overly sweet,” says one tester.

Buy It: Private Selection Black Forest Trail Mix, $5.99; Kroger

2. Simple Truth Original Oatmilk

Alternative milk is all the craze lately, but it is often hard to seek out one that’s not too thin or flavorless. This oat milk from Kroger’s Simple Truth brand features a smooth and creamy flavor that might be great to feature in coffee or your morning bowl of cereal. It’s good enough to drink on its own too.

Buy It: Simple Truth Original Oatmilk, $3.99; Kroger

3. Private Selection Black Truffle and vegetable oil Kettle Chips

“So good!” — that was the reaction of everyone who tried these chips here within the office. They have that thick, rippled texture you’re keen on in kettle chips with an irresistible flavor combination: black truffle, olive oil, cracked black pepper, basil, and Mediterranean salt. One taster described them as, “Addictive, nicely salted with a buttery flavor.”

Buy It: Private Selection Black Truffle and vegetable oil Kettle Chips, $2.49; Kroger

4. Private Selection Memphis Seasoning Rub

Okay, we tried an outsized (some would say an overwhelming) amount of seasoning rubs from Kroger. This one takes the cake, and it’s no surprise to anyone who’s ever had a Memphis barbecue. It has a satisfying blend of tangy and sweet flavors that was delightful on a pigeon breast, but why stop there. Use this sweet and spicy blend for all of your seasoning needs.

Buy It: Private Selection Memphis Seasoning Rub, $3.99; Kroger

5. Private Selection French Goat Cheese & Marinated Vegetable Thin Crust Pizza

The words “frozen pizza” sends some people running, but you haven’t tried frozen pizza like this. Creamy chevre and marinated vegetables give bring restaurant-quality dinner that’s ready in minutes.

Buy It: Private Selection French Goat Cheese & Marinated Vegetable Thin Crust Pizza, $4.99; Kroger

6. Simple Truth Fig & Thyme Crisp Crackers

It was unanimously agreed that these crackers are the cheese board addition we’ve been missing. It has a subtle but pleasant flavor and a crisp texture that’s the perfect vehicle for some cheese or cured meats. Some of our testers agree that this even rivals the famed Trader Joe’s version.

Buy It: Simple Truth Fig & Thyme Crisp Crackers, $3.99; Kroger

7. Private Selection Lemon and vegetable oil Vinaigrette

This light and bright blend of juice, olive oil, honey, mustard, and garlic is so versatile and excellent for summer. And at under three dollars, this dressing will make your salads tons more flavorful and affordable.

Buy It: Private Selection Lemon vegetable oil Vinaigrette, $2.49; Kroger

8. Private Selection Pistachio, Raspberry, Coffee, & Vanilla Frozen Macarons

It’s never been easier to possess patisserie-quality macarons reception. Simply pull the box out of the freezer and let the macarons thaw for half an hour — no cooking required. As one taste tester put it, “I’m impressed that they are frozen! They de-thaw nicely. The pistachio flavor is like what you’d get at a bakery.” Even after thawing, these macarons kept a crisp exterior, while the inside was rich and moist.

Buy It: Private Selection Pistachio, Raspberry, Coffee, & Vanilla Frozen Macarons, $6.99; Kroger

9. Private Selection Sea Salt Caramel Cashews

Cashews are coated during a sweet caramel glaze and kettle-cooked…yes, we’re still brooding about them days later. These would be the right nuts to impress your guests when you’re entertaining. “So good I took a second helping,” says one taste tester.

Buy It: Private Selection Sea Salt Caramel Cashews, $6.99; Kroger

10. Private Selection Grilled Mushroom & Truffle Oil Thin Crust Pizza

Another Private Selection pizza makes the list, and permanently reason. The decadent truffle flavor and tender grilled mushrooms bring gourmet-quality pizza at a private-label price. This is one frozen pizza you’ll actually be excited to take out of the freezer.

Buy It: Private Selection Grilled Mushroom & Truffle Oil Thin Crust Pizza, $4.99; Kroger

11. Kettle Cooked Cuban Style Sandwich Potato Chips

We didn’t really devour much ham and cheese in these chips. It was really all pickle, but we’re not mad about it. It’s more sort of a subdued pickle chip, and that they were a fan-favorite needless to say. But be warned, these chips are addictive.

Buy It: Kettle Cooked Cuban Style Sandwich Potato Chips, $1.50; Kroger

12. Private Selection Sesame Ginger Shrimp Potstickers

These potstickers were super easy — cook them up during a skillet for crispy skin and a delectable interior. Shrimp, cabbage, onion, ginger, and more make the filling irresistible —our only complaint is there’s not enough of it.

Buy It: Private Selection Sesame Ginger Shrimp Potstickers, $4.99; Kroger

The details of the company are mentioned above that is its specialty and the importance they give to the customer is known by conducting the survey.

The feedback survey is regarding the importance they give to their customer who visits their place and to know more about the customer behavior and their preferences are getting to be known from this feedback survey.

The survey shows a clear guideline towards knowing customer behaviors and the way they have to improvised to withstand and showcase their all-time best service as per they prefer in future.

Kroger Feedback Survey Details

PurposeTo improve the customer experience.
Rewards50 Kroger Fuel Points Balance
$5000 Cash Reward
Age LimitMinimum 18 Years
Eligible StatesAll states are eligible excluding Florida and New York.
LimitTo enter the survey within 7 days

Kroger Feedback Survey Rewards

• 50 Kroger Fuel Points Balance

• 1 Grand Prize, consisting of $5,000 in Kroger gift cards

• 100 First Prizes, each consisting of a $100 Kroger gift card

(subject to terms and conditions accompanying the gift card).

Kroger Feedback Survey Requirements

• Kroger store receipt with a survey code.

• Reliable internet access.

• About 5 to 10 minutes to complete the Kroger Feedback survey

• A laptop, PC, smartphone, or tablet.

• Basic knowledge and understanding of English or Spanish.

• you want to have a legitimate Email ID.

Rules for participating within the Kroger Feedback sweepstakes

• No Purchases Necessary.

• you want to be a resident of the USA.

• Your age must be 18 years or older.

• One entry per receipt.

• Prize transfer is not allowed.

• Kroger Company employees are not allowed to enter.

Visit the website, see the requirements, if your one of the customer, then give your valuable words about the Kroger store.

Why waiting still! grasp the chances to win exciting rewards, and also be sure to change the drawback of the store with your suggestions!

Follow the rules, give your valuable words and grasp your rewards!


Jai Janani K