On Sunday morning, the Jammu Air Force Base camp was attacked by a bunch of drones. These two drones attacked the roof of a building and the other an open area. The attack took place at around 1:40 am. The two drones dropped bombs on the Air Force Base, which were trying to attack a nearby aeroplane as per sources. The place was sealed within minutes of the attack.

The drone attack took place near the helicopter hangar, which is extremely important for helicopters operating along the Western Front and in the Himalayas. The base was filled with troops, who were to be visited by the Defence Minister and the Army Chief General on the same day. Although none of the equipment was damaged, two personnel suffered minor injuries.

The first bomb exploded at 1:37 am and the other at 1:43 am. National Bomb Data Centre experts, forensic teams and the Jammu and Kashmir police rushed to the high-security airport after the explosions.

This was the first of its kind attack to ever take place in India as two low-intensity improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were dropped from a drone. This attack was a part of the technical area of the Jammu airport and thus, two flights were cancelled due to operational reasons. Sources speculate it to be an attack from outside the border. The Intelligence sources suspect that this is an attack from Pakistan and maybe a continuation of the terrorist attack that took place on the Punjab Air Force, in 2016.

Drones were also speculated to be used during the Punjab attack. Sources say that there are radars around base camps in case of attacks but drones are too small to be detected. The Standard Operating Procedure is to shoot down the drones once noticed but during nighttime, seeing a drone is also a challenge. And these drones are quite small and fly low, thus, go undetected under the radar.

Thus, figuring out the source or even preventing the attack becomes difficult for the air force. The government is looking at various defence technologies from outside the country, along with some from the Defence Defence Research and Development Organisation. A LeT terrorist was arrested on the same morning with 4.7kg IED but sources claim that there was no connection between the two.

The cold war between India and Pakistan has been going on forever. This attack is also expected to come from Pakistan and thus, investigation for the same is ongoing. With Jammu and Kashmir being a very sensitive issue for both countries, this is highly possible. Pakistan has also attacked Jammu before with the help of drones.

If the attack would have escalated and injured more personnel and damaged any weapons, the ongoing ceasefire between India and Pakistan would stop immediately. Luckily, that was not the case, yet it is a very serious issue and is being looked at from all angles.