Issa Rae’s net worth

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What is Issa Rae’s net worth?

Net Worth:4 million USD
Age:37 years old
Born: January 12, 1985
Country Of Origin:United States
Source Of Wealth:Actress, writer, and producer
Last Updated:2022

Issa Rae is an American actress, writer, and producer born on January 12, 1985. Rae becomes the spotlight for her work on the YouTube web series Awkward Black Girl. Since 2011 she has continued to work on her channel. The channel features short films, web series, and other content created by black people.

Career Highlights of Issa Rae

Rae started with a YouTube channel in 2011. The content was created mainly by black people. Over the Years Rae has achieved recognition as a co-creator, co-writer, and star of the HBO television series Insecure.

She has been a nominee for several Golden Globe awards and Primetime Emmy awards. Her memoir, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, becomes a New York Times bestseller. She also found a place in the Annual Times List as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Rae has starred in feature films and occasionally provide voice work. One of the films she did voice work on was Hair Love, which had won an Academy Award for the Best Short Film in 2020.

Cars and Bikes That Issa Rae Owns?

Issa Rae is obsessed with Cars and Bikes. Here car collection is estimated to be worth 8 Million Dollars. She is an adventure seeker and finds no discomfort in doing a few stunts herself. She started driving four-wheelers at the age of 21. In the web series Think Faster when her co-stars found it apprehensive to get into a fast car on a racetrack, Issa did it with no fear at all.

She recently added a Tesla Model X to her collection. Her favorite cars are The Limited Edition Lamborghini Urus and the Porsche 911 GT3. She owns a lot of collector cars as well. She describes herself as a petrol-head. Issa‘s video on a 123 K shopping spree has gained a lot of attention. She spends her millions on music, fashion, jewelry, etc. She loves to spend her time shopping and looking out for cars.

Issa Rae Spouse

The HBO Insecure actress prefers to keep her Romances under the radar. She has recently married Louis Diame who is reportedly a Businessman. Issa doesn’t open up about her personal life much but during recent interviews, she mentioned that Louis and she have been in a relationship for a long time.No one Knows how long they have been together. The rumors of their engagement started in March 2019.

Rae typically avoids talking about Daime often. But people have traced back their romance way back to 2012. Daime is a Senagalese Businessman. Rae has appeared wearing a sizeable ring for the cover page shoot of Essence. However, Rae laughed off these rumors. Louis Daime is an international banker and has appeared as a guest star in the YouTube web series The Awkward Black Girl. Since then there have been several rumors about their relationship when they appeared together in several red carpet events.

Properties and Assets That Issa Rae Owns

Rae is reported to have a net worth of 4 million Dollars. She owns a lavish mansion at View Park. Some Sources also say that she owns a Mansion in Los Angeles. Rae prefers to keep a low profile about her assets. The main source of her Income is YouTube where certain videos became viral and garnered millions of views.

She has also authored a book that is a best seller. She also earns through voice work and earns money through her production companies. She has several endorsements with brands as well. She loves to shop a lot. She likes to be acclaimed as a bold woman. She loves getaways and owns a lot of music albums.

Early Life and Family

Early Life and Family

Issa Rae was born in California. Her parents were Abdoulaye Diop and Delyna Diop. Both her parents were pretty wealthy. Her father was a Doctor and her Mother a teacher. She has four siblings. As a child, she spent her childhood in Maryland. After she was 12 her family moved to Los Angeles.

Her teenage years had their troubles. Her parents divorced when she was in High School. She completed High School at King Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science. She completed her Bachelor’s from Stanford University.

After her graduation, she started out working odd jobs and then started her own Youtube channel. Her web series Awkward Black Girl was well accepted by viewers in 2013. Owing to the success of her first web series she filmed the next one called Insecure, which also garnered a lot of attention.

Rae’s YouTube career was a success. She made a career as an actor, producer, and voice artist. Here web series Awkward Black Girl and Insecure was breakthrough for her career. Being a producer she has her own production house which adds to her wealth.

She has acted in several award-winning films like The Hate U Give, The Photographer, etc. Her annual income stands at 250000 dollars. Her endorsements with brands generate additional wealth. She also owns a condo and numerous mansions in Los Angeles.


As of 2022, The net worth of Issa Rae is around 4 million dollars. Her career had its struggles in the beginning. She is a true example of perseverance. Although having a troubled childhood she was strong enough to find her way. She is also an activist who constantly raises her voice against racism and black people. She is an advocate for the black rights movement.

She has organized several events to counter racism and raise funds for the betterment of the black community. She rose to fame with the Youtube web series Awkward Black Girl. She has also been featured as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Rae is one of the most in-demand creators in Hollywood. Although their net worth of 4 Million is quite low for someone as busy as Rae, her career is still on a rise. She is a perfect personality who stays out of gossip and other Hollywood dilemmas. Her wealth has been steadily rising due to her ventures in entertainment and beauty.

Rae spends many years grinding on YouTube series and small platforms. She broke into mainstream shows that paid well and paved the way for numerous opportunities leading to very large paychecks.

The future seems bright for Rae, Everyone is anticipating what she creates next. She is a creative and self-made woman.