In conversation with Doctor Haris – A millennial shift in changing the way of diagnosis and treatment in India

शरीरे जर्जरीभूते व्याधिग्रस्ते कलेबरे।

औषधं जाह्नवीतोयं वैद्यो नारायणो हरिः॥

Vaidhio Narayan Hari, which roughly translates to “The physician or a healer is equipollent to Hari, who removes or takes away your illness.”

Doctor Haris is a third-year resident (Emergency Medicine), George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Moolchand, Delhi.

In Arabic, Haris symbolises a guardian angel, and by consulting and curing over 4000 patients suffering from COVID, he does personify his name!

Along with his studies, he consults and helps people get better from all over the world. He is on a mission to cure people by suggesting easy to follow lifestyle modifications. This practice strengthens the natural immunity of your body, keeps you fit and increases longevity. It helps you gain stamina and keep your body young and vigilant for an extended period.

Coming from a big family of doctors, he has a deeper understanding of illnesses and the role of a healer (a physician) to cure someone.

In a small interview, he explained why it is essential for a doctor to hear his patients and take note of their sufferings, understand and explain the root cause of their illness, how will the medicines work, and how long will it take to heal and recover. He emphasised the importance of lifestyle change in the youth, as most of them suffer from psoriasis, allergies, breathing issues (asthma, bronchitis) etc. He believes in creating a balanced lifestyle, where youth can enjoy with their peers and at the same time take precautionary measures to counter the effects of alcohol and smoking like habits.

He aspires to study further in the UK and learn about the latest inventions and ways to heal people, then come back to India and establish a world-class medical facility to serve humanity.

He takes great pleasure in his achievement of saving human lives. Working in Emergency Department helps him gain knowledge about crucial aspects that can save someone’s life.

He has recently launched his website to reach more people to help them with medical queries and assistance.

We asked him what that one thing that he would like to upgrade in the Indian medical system is. He answered that the Indian Medical ecosystem should allow real medics to govern the health care department in India. A qualified physician would know how to implement a plan of action to save lives and contain panic. Especially in the times of COVID, we need a medical intervention to use and import vital resources for the Indian population.

Updated: May 14, 2021 — 3:15 pm

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