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How To Remove Or Disable Reels on Facebook

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In today’s world, reels have become a major source of entertainment for all of us. For those of you who are unaware of the term ‘Reels,’ let me introduce it to you. Reels are short videos of a maximum of 1 minute where people act, sing, dance, or create some source of entertainment content for their audience.

 Reels are available on many social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and reels are also available on YouTube as shorts. In addition, you can add various sound effects to your videos and entertain your audience through your performance. The idea of reels was first seen in TikTok. When people started enjoying these kinds of short videos, other social media platforms gradually adopted this feature in order to attract their viewers. 

But some of you would not enjoy watching these reels. As mentioned earlier, Facebook also provides its users the platform to make and watch reels. If you are not willing to spend your time watching reels and want to get rid of them, then this article is for you.

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You cannot disable reels completely from your phone but can hide them in your app as Facebook has not launched any feature for disabling reels.

1) How to Hide Reels From The Facebook App?

As Facebook has included the feature of reels in its app, so you cannot disable it willingly until Facebook doesn’t provide you the option to remove it. However, if you want to get rid of reels permanently, then you can download the old version of Facebook and use it. While this is not preferred to do or use the older version of Facebook but if you want to get rid of these reels from Facebook anyhow, then you can try installing the older version of Facebook.  You should keep in mind that you shouldn’t update your Facebook.

Otherwise, you will get access to the new version, and again the reels will be displayed on your screen. If your system has an auto-update feature, then you can off this feature so that your Facebook doesn’t get updated automatically.

To off/disable the feature of auto-update, you can follow the following steps:

  • Unlock your phone.
  • In your home menu, search for Google play store.
  • After visiting the Google play store, go to Facebook on the Play store.
  • Now, tap on the three-dot menu on the top of your screen and select the option of disabling.

  This way, you can disable your auto-update feature on Facebook.

2) Some other ways to disable reels from public to friends are as follows:

  • Open your Facebook app
  • Click on the top right-hand corner of the screen, i.e., the menu icon.
  • Now, under the audience and visibility section, press on reels.
  • You will be left with 3 options.
  • You can click on any of the 3 options as per your suitability.
  • You can either keep it to only friends or public and can also keep it to friends except for the option.
  • Find the relevant option for you and apply accordingly.

3) Hide Reels from Facebook

If you come across some inappropriate content on Facebook and are not willing to see more reels based on that channel or similar reels like that, then you can click on that specific reel and click on ‘see less.’ This way, you can hide the reel in the reels section and see fewer videos from the shimmer. 

4) Disable Reels From Your Facebook By Using Facebook in The Web Browser

If you use your Facebook from a web browser, then you can use it without getting access to any kind of reels.  Here’s what you can do to disable reels from your Facebook app.

Firstly, you can get access to the Facebook mobile browser to use Facebook without seeing reels.

5) 3rd Party Facebook Apps

Besides this, you can also use some third-party Facebook client apps that offer extra customizations and features. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend you to take the help of these third-party apps because by using third-party Facebook apps, you give control of your personal details to someone else.  Your Facebook personal details and many more things might get shared, and you won’t have any privacy. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend it to you, but if you still want to proceed with it, then do it at your own risk.

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6) Hide Reels by Using Auto Play

If you have decided that you don’t want to see reels on your page, then you can follow this step. By using this method, Facebook will also use less data usage and the videos will longer be played loudly, and you can use your app smoothly.

  • First, unlock your phone.
  • Now, open Facebook App.
  • Tap the menu bar.
  • Now, scroll down and click settings and privacy.
  • Tap settings and then tap on media.
  • Now, disable your auto-play option by clicking on never auto-play video.
  • This way, you can disable your auto-play option, and now Facebook won’t auto-play your videos.

7) Hide Reels Using Your Profile Option

Remove Reel Option from FB

Reels are short videos that act as a source of entertainment for all of us, but there are some people who do not enjoy watching these reels. Then, for those people who are willing to stop watching reels completely, I have some solutions for you that you can try. If you are using Facebook from your web browser and are still experiencing reels on your screen, then follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • After you open your own Facebook site, click on your profile in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Now, look for the Settings and Privacy option on your screen and click on the respective option.
  • Click on Settings and scroll down and click on the videos option.
  • You see the auto-play option; click on it.
  • Now, tap on OFF to switch off auto-play.
  • This way, you will off your auto-play option, and reels won’t appear automatically on the screen.

8) Using Facebook Through Frost

If you have made up your mind to disable reels from your Facebook and want to do it anyway, then you can use this method. This method is risky, and there are chances that your personal details might get shared with a third party. Before using this method, think twice wisely, and then at your own risk, you can use it.

You can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First, you need to delete Facebook, and then with the help of the Play Store, you can download an app named Frost.
  • Frost is a file published on Github, and this is open source.
  • After opening the download page, click on the Frost release apk.
  • If you haven’t downloaded any apk files before, you might face some problems here.
  • In order to avoid this problem, you need to give install unknown apps permission to the browser you are using. This might be risky for your personal details on your phone.
  • After giving this above-mentioned permission, you will not face problems downloading the file.
  • Now, click on download.
  • File may be harmful’ warning comes up.
  • At your own risk, click on download anyway and start the download process.
  • The file has been downloaded. Now, click on Open and then open your file and finally click on install.
  • Now, you have completed the installation of Frost.
  • Open your Frost app to be able to log in to your Facebook account.
  • You are now logged in to your Facebook account, and now for that person who doesn’t like to watch reels, you will not get access to reels anymore. I mean, you will not be able to watch reels anymore on your Facebook

9) Facebook also provides In-App Option 

As mentioned earlier, Facebook provides its users an option to stop reels. Next, follow some guidelines to get the following results:

  • Open your Facebook account and then select your profile tab. 
  • Now, click on the hamburger menu and tap on Settings.
  • Select the option of Privacy and then tap on Reels.
  •  Now, try to disable the toggle for recommendations on Facebook.
  • It has been seen that the in-app option provided by Facebook doesn’t really work always as its availability depends upon the devices as well.  So, it might not work smoothly as per your convenience.
  • When you come across some inappropriate content on your Facebook, you would like to remove it, and that might be irritating at times. 
  • The well-known Facebook app has not come up with any option to disable the reels yet but might come in the upcoming future.

FAQ About Hiding Reels from Facebook:

How long does a reel stay on Facebook?

On Facebook, a reel can be seen for a maximum of 60 seconds, i.e., 1 minute. You cannot make or see videos for more than 1 minute as these are short videos

Who determines your reels on Facebook?

People come across different reels according to their interests. Based on their interests, the most popular reels appears on the screen showing you the best results

Why did Facebook introduce reels?

Facebook has introduced reels on its platform as it acts as a source of entertainment for the audience. When you are bored and have nothing to do, you can scroll down to some reels and watch some reels for your entertainment. Many times, reels also give us some valuable information through their short videos.

Do reels get disappear after 1-2 days?

Actually, reels don’t get disappear within 1-2 days until the owner who has published the reel has not deleted it from his/her account

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How much can you earn by posting reels?

Facebook would pay on the basis of the original content of your reels. There might be some other criteria to get paid by Facebook on your reels

Why do reels suddenly disappear?

If you are still using the outdated version of Facebook, then it might be possible that the Reels option isn’t working or appearing on your Facebook app. To use or upload the Reels, you must upgrade your app to the most recent edition. After doing this, you can simply scroll down 4-5 times in the search section until you see the reels option. Most probably, you might get access to your reels


Although reels act as a source of entertainment for the viewers, it might be addictive sometimes. The primary benefit of the reels that the video-makers are looking for is brand awareness.

You can also get into collaborating with some brands and earn money. In addition, you can get famous and become a renowned personality across the globe with good content. You can reach your superstars and enjoy their content by watching reels. In today’s world, by only swiping down with a finger, you can get access to thousands of videos.

Watching videos within a limit is a good source of entertainment, but when you cross that limit, you can become addicted to those videos. That’s why; sometimes people want to get rid of it and try to disable reels from their apps. However, you cannot disable reels completely from your app as Facebook has not launched such a feature, but you can remove or hide reels from your app by the above-mentioned points. If it is necessary for you to remove reels, then I have provided some solutions for you. I hope this article was helpful for you and has helped you to find some sort of solution for yourself.

However, you should also figure out that you are addicted to reels or phones and take the relevant steps accordingly. Personally, I would not recommend you to use any inappropriate or risky methods as they might leak or hamper your personal details. In addition, if possible, you can restrain yourself from watching more videos and enjoy videos up to a certain limit.