How to Disable/Remove YouTube Shorts Permanently?

How to Disable/Remove YouTube Shorts Permanently?

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YouTube is a well-known video-sharing website where people can post online and watch videos. It was founded in 2005 and has grown immensely since then. On YouTube, individuals can search for and watch videos about just about anything.

Youtube Shorts is a 15-second or less video service that allows users to create and upload videos to YouTube. YouTube has recently begun to roll out these new shorts, which compete with Tiktok.

So let’s talk about how to disable/remove YouTube Shorts Permanently and sail through the article to know more.

YouTube Shorts is one of the most revolutionary additions to YouTube that Google has created. It has amassed a sizable user base in a short period of time after its addition. Short-form video-based content is simple to create and consume for users, making it engaging and attracting a large number of views; this is why YouTube favors it.

YouTube loves this slight engagement-packed content, but viewers who try watching random internet videos a colossal waste, despise them. These videos are also a major reason why people spend long hours cluelessly scrolling through their feeds. The question of how to stop oneself from unending social media scrolling remains unanswered. However, if you are among those who dislike the latest Shorts feature of the YouTube app, we are pleased to inform you that there is a workaround. To clarify, you can completely disable the feature in the YouTube App. 

Here are some of the simple methods for turning off YouTube Shorts in the YouTube App:

Select the “Not Interested” option 

Not Interested In YouTube Shorts
Not Interested In YouTube Shorts

This is among the most efficient ways for disabling YouTube Shorts, and it works on almost all devices that have the YouTube mobile app. To begin, click the vertical ellipses (three dots) in the top right corner of your home feed’s YouTube shorts. Clicking will open a menu where you must select the first option, “Not interested.”

You must repeat this process for each video in that section. Scroll to the bottom of your feed until you reach the next portion of YouTube Shorts, and then repeat the procedure. You will be required to repeat this step until you no longer see these sections, and you will eventually be free of YouTube Shorts on your home feed.

Uninstall the updates given on YouTube

Uninstall YouTube Updates
Credits: WikiHow

To use this technique, go to Settings and choose from Apps or Manage Apps. Choose the YouTube app from the list. On this page, you’ll see three vertical dots (ellipses); tapping them will bring up a menu from which you can select “Uninstall Updates.” That’s all there is to it. You’ve now returned to the original YouTube app, free of YouTube Shorts. Remember to disable auto-updates after this; otherwise, your app will update itself.

Use different platforms like YouTube Vanced or other alternatives

YouTube Vanced is a convenient alternative to YouTube Premium that removes all ads from your YouTube videos and includes advanced features such as background play and sponsorship blocking. Current YouTube Vanced users can access the Settings options by clicking on their Profile Photo. On the Settings page, click the vanced Settings link at the bottom of the list. Select Ad settings from this page and enable the “Shorts shelf” option. This option removes the Shorts featuring segments from your home feed entirely, leaving your YouTube channel totally Shorts-free.

You could still find some alternative options with somewhat comparable features. You can find the most suitable YouTube Vanced alternatives right here

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You can downgrade the YouTube app to its older version

YouTube Shorts is a new feature that has recently been added to the YouTube phone app, so you can easily disable it by downgrading to an old software of the YouTube app. This feature first appeared on YouTube 14.13.54 (1413542300), which means that downgrading to YouTube 14.12.56 (1412563300) will get you far away from YouTube Shorts.

The link to download the old version:

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Before installing any app other than those from the Play Store, you must enable the download from the unidentified resources option in the settings. Also, after installing this version, make sure to disable the YouTube app’s auto-updates.

Go to disable the YouTube app settings 

The next procedure on our list is simpler than the one before it, but its only drawback is that it is restricted to a small number of devices. You must tap on your Profile Picture to use this technique. On the following page, select settings and the first option that says General. This page should have a Shorts option with a button right next to it that you can easily click to disable Shorts from your YouTube app completely. This option is quite useful and provides a one-click answer to the vexing Shorts, but it is constrained to some older versions of the YouTube app. 

Use the YouTube app on web browsers like Chrome

YouTube Website Screenshot
YouTube Opened in Desktop

The simplest way to remove the Shorts function from the YouTube app is to use YouTube through your device’s web browser rather than the mobile app, whether from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. This is because the Shorts feature is not yet available in the YouTube browser version. To view YouTube videos, ensure you have the most recent browser, operating system, and an adequate connection to the internet: The most recent version of Google Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, Safari, or Opera. Download speed with 500+ Kbps.

Factory reset the application

If you disapprove of the shorts video and wish to leave it, this trick might come in handy. Visit the YouTube app on your mobile device and hold it down for a few seconds. This will take you to the information section of the settings.

When you select Uninstall, the YouTube version is downgraded to the factory version. This is the version of YouTube that comes pre-installed on the device.

Also, if you haven’t upgraded your YouTube app, don’t use it. However, you will be notified numerous times that your application needs to be updated. Ignore it, particularly if you don’t want to add the Shorts video option to your YouTube app.

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Many users have always preferred YouTube to explain videos on the same platform, which is only a few steps away. YouTube Shorts, in some ways, will not be a great option for those active members who constantly search YouTube for comprehensive videos or knowledge.

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Taking that into consideration, this article assisted with both turning off YouTube shorts and removing YouTube shorts with simple steps. Using any of these techniques, you can easily remove the YouTube Shorts feature in the YouTube app and continue watching videos uninterrupted.