How Fleenear is Helping Startups in Growing Their Business Online

Nike’s logo is valued at $600,000 to this date just because graphic designing is not just about colours and characters. It adds to the soul of your business.

It sets the pace of your vision and values in the mind of your consumers. However, with the increasing use of stock art and vectors, it has become challenging to create a brand that has a unique, powerful presence.

Fleenear has developed a platform to bridge this gap by creating unique identity designs for their clients and businesses. Their team consists of artists and engineers who work together to bring out graphic designs’ real essence. And for this reason, their plans help create a substantial impact on the mind of the users.

Their designers have at least a three-year certification or a degree in graphic designing. They make sure their team has technical know-how of “how designs work”. They follow a meticulous method to research your brand before creating and proposing your brand identity design.

Fleenear is a Siliguri based website and graphic designing agency growing at a good pace because of its systematic approach. Their founders Anupama Sen and Aayush Shrivastav, are professionally trained in coding, designing software and app development, making them a great team.

They have completed more than 419 projects in the past two years with more than 4-star ratings. Their clients consist of oncologists, ophthalmologists, cafe and restaurant owners, individual artists, lawyers, clothing brands and food bloggers.

They also provide a comprehensive blog and e-com account management service with ad management on the various social media platform.

Their company “Fleenear” is setting the bar high with their consistency and quality of work.

What sets Fleenear apart from similar agencies

Anupama Sen and Aayush Srivastava have completed their formal education in Graphic Designing and Website Development. They understand how a design should (actually) work. Where to place the “call to action” and “structure the website” for search engines to crawl and understand. Their technical knowledge and quest to learn and implement the latest in their field gives them an edge over others.

Apart from technical exposure, Aayush and Anupama are actively managing many communities around the globe. They been helping budding entrepreneurs in India and overseas. They have bagged projects from Bhutan and Nepal as well. In addition to their venture, they help the community with baked goods (Bake 2 Make).

Both of them are the perfect example of how millennials should work on ethical and technical grounds to help the Indian economy.

It hasn’t been easy; the journey was challenging and rewarding in itself.

A message from the founders of Fleenear LLP

It has been an absolute privilege to cater to the needs of the Indian ecosystem. Working with medical facilities has been the most rewarding working experience. The leads we generated thank us every day for finding the right fit for their ailments.

One of the ladies struggling with fertility issues sent us a personalised gift basket for connecting her with the right doctors. And working with the food and hospitality industry has helped us hone our creative side. With millions of views and thousands of followers, who have entrusted us has undoubtedly boosted us.

We are looking forward to meeting new milestones this year that would not only inspire our industry but help us create a benchmark brand in the world of digital marketing

Updated: June 23, 2021 — 12:24 pm

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