How CryptoHub & FinTalks Clubs are creating awareness on Clubhouse?

A time when Clubhouse has gained huge popularity due to its audio centric approach in social networking, some clubs have emerged in educating people and spreading awareness on finance and crypto domains.

Clubhouse gained its popularity due to its audio-centric approach, which truly captures the essence of real human interactions. And what can be a better way of creating awareness than a platform where people can come in person and talk their heart out.

This was the motivation for Nirmal Sarkar behind creating the CryptoHub India & FinTalks clubs on Clubhouse. Nirmal is a biotechnologist and blogger from Kolkata who runs

So what are CryptoHub India & FinTalks all about?

CryptoHub India is a club that discusses Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Decentralised Finance. Although the club was started around the same time Clubhouse got into the Google Play Store in India, CryptoHub was originally launched as a Facebook community back in May 2017.

Currently, CryptoHub India is running Q&A sessions every week. Regarding the crypto sessions, Nirmal says, “The crypto world can feel very complicated, and someone who has just begun their crypto journey, naturally has a lot of queries which remain unanswered. The crypto network is also dominated by scammers, where newbies get trapped. CryptoHub India aims to spread awareness by mutual discussions.”

Another unique feature of Clubhouse is that anyone can drop by in public rooms, which allows meeting new people having similar interests. This helps in connecting with bigger brands very easily. “We have had Kunal Shivalkar from CoinDCX team who attended our crypto sessions. We are in talks with the Pocketbits team too. In the long term, CryptoHub India aims to be a platform where Indian crypto exchanges can join and engage with the community directly,” explains Nirmal.

Other than CryptoHub India, Nirmal is also running FinTalks Club, which revolves around Indian Finance. “As of now, we have hosted sessions on Taxation & GST, Health Insurance, and Mutual Funds, which were quite productive. We have plans to cover sessions on other aspects in the financial sphere as well,” he said.

One disclaimer though, these are just unofficial community initiatives aimed at educating common people. They aren’t registered financial advisors and hence, they don’t specifically recommend or promote anything. Yet, these initiatives had yielded positive responses in the community.

“I keep receiving feedback from people that the sessions are really helpful,” said Nirmal. “This gives a satisfaction which cannot be expressed in words. I am thankful to everyone for supporting this journey, and I hope to continue expanding meaningful communities over Clubhouse,” he said.

We hope the same. Both crypto and finance domains have a lot of layers and we are really thankful to CryptoHub and Fintalks for making efforts towards promoting knowledge via the Clubhouse platform.

Updated: June 22, 2021 — 7:10 pm

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