Google And Reliance Jio Team Up For The New Jio Phone

Google And Reliance Jio Team Up For The New Jio Phone

Google and Reliance Jio are without a doubt two of the most popular brands in India. While Google is a global search engine, Jio is one of India’s most prominent telecommunications companies. A partnership between these two entities comes as a surprise to many.

This article is articulated in a way that can help you get a peek into what this partnership is all about and how the two companies have planned their new creative product which would be highly beneficial to its users.

What is the New Product?

The product that the two companies have come up with is Jio Phone Next. It is an advanced smartphone that the companies have developed at a quite low price. Mr. Mukesh Ambani mentioned at the Reliance Industries Ltd’s (RIL) 44th Annual General Meeting (AGM) virtual event that this product developed under this partnership is a truly breakthrough smartphone.

He further added that with its unique features, it is a thoroughly developed smartphone that supports the whole suite of applications belonging to both Jio and Google. The two teams have come up with a special version of Android designed specially for this Jio Phone Next.

What are its Important Features?

The Jio Phone Next is said to follow the features of the JioPhone and the JioPhone 2. The significant features that will be made available in Jio Phone Next are:

  • This is a well developed smartphone which completely supports the Google Play Store.
  • It is featured with a Voice Assistant and an Automatic Read-Aloud of screen text language translation that allows the users to translate the content on the screen of their device, and get it read back to them in their preferred language.
  • The users will be given an option to change the language of their phone’s content by clicking just a single button. Because of this feature, it gets easy and efficient to translate the content.
  • The Jio Phone Next has a smart camera with augmented reality filters that facilitates the users to click high quality authentic photos.
  • The smartphone will be installed with “App Actions” that allows Google Assistant to provide an enhanced experience to its users, with the help of many of the Jio applications installed on it.
  • The smartphone has special features like an HDR mode and Snapchat Lenses, all of which will be accessible directly from the phone’s camera.
  • The Jio Phone Next will have all the major Android OS and security updates to enhance their experience and provide more safety.
  • The smartphone will be available at a very low price, thus making it an ideal option for many people.

When will it be Available?

The new product – Jio Phone Next – is said to be made available to the customers from 10th September, on the holy day of Ganesh Chaturthi in the Indian markets.


The introduction of Jio Phone Next indicates the development of technology in India. When things have become so dependent on technology these days due to the pandemic, this is a crucial step that the technology market was in need of. This partnership is also an attempt towards forming an important special connection between Mukesh Ambani and Sundar Pichai, and the two companies!