Carry Minati Net Worth

Carry Minati Net Worth

Quick Note: Carry Minati Net Worth is $4 Million

Did you know Carry Minati’s real name is Ajey Nagar? That’s ironic! because as innocent as his name sounds, he is equally mischievous. Carry has introduced roast to us and performs as a youtuber by creating some dazzling and funny content. He does a quite a lot of reaction videos on his YouTube channel called “CarryMinati”.

Carry Minati roasts the hell out of people and gives certain folks rather strong burns, the smokes of which lasts for years. He gets into troubles because of this pretty often, but that doesn’t make his fans love him any less. Another YouTube channel called “CarryIsLive” is dedicated to gaming and livestreaming which is also very famous among teenagers. Our proud Indian youtuber is currently only 22 years old and has already gained fame and become successful in the YouTube journey.

Recently, Carry Minati has also begun uploading music made by him, if you haven’t listened to his dank songs already, here are some suggestions for you and make sure you do listen to, “Yalgaar”, “Zindagi’, “Warrior”, and “Trigger”. Carry Minati though talented, is known for throwing in hundreds of cuss words in reaction and roast videos which are responsible for landing him in tough times. If all this sounds interesting to you, no wonder you’re a true carry fan and stay tuned to know details about him such as his net worth, the way he utilises his money, personal life, controversies and much more!

Carry Minati Net Worth

Net Worth4 Million USD
NameAjay Nagar
Age22 years
Birthday12 June 1999
PlaceNew Delhi, India
Money FactorsYouTube

Estimated in the year 2021, Carry Minati’s net worth is a round figure of 4 million! . His major source of income is YouTube along with occasional sponsoring as well as paid promotions. Carry Minati has also made a lot from his latest song “Yalgaar”. His average per video income is around 1 lakh and that makes his monthly income to be around the whopping amount of more than 2 crore every year.

His huge following on YouTube is what contributes the most in his income. Carry Minati has a following of almost 1 million audience and needless to say, he is loved for his creative way of delivering utter honesty and sarcasm. Below is the list of his earnings from past five years

Earnings Year
150 million USD2016
155 million USD 2017
3.2 million USD 2018
3.5 million USD2019
3.8 million USD2020

Let us now take a look at his belongings bought by his own money at such an young age.

Cars owned by Carry Minati

Carry Minati has admitted to be a car-lover but as of now he only has two cars in the beginning of his collection. He owns a Toyota Fortuner in the colour white which costs approximately 38 Lakh and a Toyota Fortuner in the colour black which is priced around 38.5 lakhs.
After getting hooked onto knowing about him it is now mandatory for us to know about his achievements

Awards/ MentionedYear
Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2020
Influencer of the year award at MTV 2019
Times 10 Button YouTube 2019
Diamond play button by YouTube 2020

Carry Minati completed his 1 million subscriber and received a golden button for the same in the year 2017.
Let us now dive into the details of his personal life

Carry Minati Personal Life

Carry Minati hails from Faridabad, Haryana and currently lives with his parents continuing his career on YouTube. He was born on 12 June 1999. He has a sibling brother and both are pretty close to each other. Carry Minati has two BFFs whose names are Scout and Elvish Yadav. Ajey belongs to the comedy and satire niche along with gaming and sketches.

His channel “CarryMinati” has 30.8 million subscribers whereas another channel “CarryIsLive” has 2.4billion subscribers. Carry is active as a youtuber since the year 2014. Carry Minati started out as almost a kid and has reached heights by the present year. Little do people know that Ajey Nagar started posting videos on YouTube at the age of ten!

Initially his channel was named as “AddictedA1” where he used to upload footages of video games and also his reactions to the same. He later changed his channel’s name to “CarryDeol’ where he uploaded funky and comic videos which were done by mimicking an Indian actor, Sunny Deol. Ajey Nagar is a kind-hearted person and so is said based on his initiative of hosting live-stream videos on his “CarryIsLive” channel in order to raise funds for the victims of cyclone Fani in Odisha in the year 2019.

It’s time to know about one of his most widely spread controversies which is the “YouTube vs TikTok-The End” video which ironically did almost end his career. The mentioned video was taken down by YouTube due to violations of its terms in the year 2020. Carry Minati had made and posted the video as a response to a content posted by a tiktoker named Amir Siddiqui where he talked stuff about youtubers.

Carry in turn roasted and berated Tiktokers immensely and eventually the video landed him in trouble. Carry’s video came under the domain of cyberbullying and cost him a lot of trolls and even hashtags. As every cloud has a silver lining, all this trend increased several million views on his video. Carry’s fans even tried to review bomb tiktok on Google Play store.

The decision of YouTube to take down the video was rebelled by many as well as accepted by many. There were a humongous number of reports made by the LGBTQ+ community stating that the video consisted of homophobic and transphobic content which was offensive because of the abusive language used and was not acceptable by the community.

This controversy spanned over a longer duration and gave rise to many new hashtags and diverse opinions. Funnily, the controversy doesn’t end there as his new music-video “Yalgaar” is a renewed criticism of Siddiqui, you surely don’t want to miss out on “Yalgaar”. Now that you have already scrolled a long way, let’s take a look at his favourites

Carry Minati Favourites

Carry Minati is loved by millions, now is the time to know what is loved by him. His favourite actor is the patriotic action-hero, Akshay Kumar. His favourite actress who shares a good chemistry with Akshay Kumar, is Katrina Kaif. Carry’s favourite male and female singers are Guru Randhawa and Neha Kakkar respectively. He loves to spend some time listening to their top-hits.

Needless to say, his most loved app is YouTube, duh! Another predictable guess, his favourite game is PubG which is streamed by him on his channel. The ultimate reward in PubG, that is a chicken dinner is Carry’s favourite food. Carry loves Virat Kohli for the all-rounder he is. Another favourite sportsperson is Leonard Messi. As a child Carry enjoyed watching the cartoon “Doremon” a lot. Roasting and photoshoot, travelling, and driving are on his list of favourite hobbies!

Carry Minati is an epitome of fun and roasting. He is loved by millions of fans mostly youngsters out there. Carry Minati never fails to give his opinions about stuff sarcastically and he is admired for the same. Despite using vast dissing words and not so acceptable language, he has made a name for himself at a very young age. Ajey Nagar AKA Carry Minati is what teenagers discuss about during their fun meets and enjoy his live streaming of games amidst being admired for his talent. We will continue to be impatient while waiting for his new updates.