BGMI early access- Is my data safe?

BGMI early access- Is my data safe?

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BGMI, also known as Battlegrounds Mobile India, is the Indian version of the Chinese application, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). With the ban of all Chinese products, this application was banned too. But on 17th June, the wait for the Indian version of this app was over. The creators, Krafton, released an early access batch for some users to get. Although, that day the early access opened up for everyone.

Battlegrounds is a gaming application that allows users to play against other users, as a team or solo. The players have to kill the rest and win as the last man standing. This game has a huge fan base from all over the world. PUBG may be available everywhere else but isn’t in India anymore.

Thus, to get the crowd excited Krafton started early access for users to get. This early access is for the people eagerly awaiting the release of this app. These early access users can now get a bunch of exciting bonuses in the game such as a Supply Crate Coupon, 2x EXP Cards and 2x BP Cards, and more. Now, all of this is available to you on your mobile phone.

Initially, players had to join a testing programme to become a part of the early access group. Not anymore. Krafton opened up early access to everyone and now all the users can get the game on their mobile phone. Moreover, the players can transfer their old data from PUBG to their new application.

But, is this transfer of data safe? Considering, the application is similar to the Chinese version, called PUBG, can we now trust it? There are a lot of people and Few Members of Parliaments across lines have also requested the government to ban the game as it is the same application with a different name.

Since the application can transfer the old information, it also means that the old version could track the data from the new version too. Thus, a lot of people raised concern about this issue and Krafton replied that they are considering it.

They also said that they are taking privacy, protection, and player data safety as their top priority, as surely, they were conversing with the servers in China to continue the game in India. But keeping that in mind, they have made sure to keep the users’ data safe.

Battlegrounds also use third-party applications that take data from users and gives them the best and most unique game features in return. During this process, some data is surely shared with other parties and servers. When you open battleground, they also warn users that their information will be provided to India and Singapore servers, but can be processed further.

Thus, your data isn’t safe at all, when it comes to this method. Although, now that Krafton has addressed and accepted this issue, they promise to make changes and keep the users’ data all safe and secure. Therefore, the situation may not be safe right now, it is sure to happen very soon!