Best Treadmill In India Under 30000

Best Treadmill In India Under 30000 INR

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Treadmills are a fantastic way to remain fit. They come in a range of sizes and forms. They provide all of the upsides of running on the sidewalk, yet they are gentler on your joints. They are also available at a variety of pricing points, so you can find one that fits within your budget.

It’s difficult to choose the best treadmill for you. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of our most preferred treadmills under 30000 rupees. These treadmills will assist you in exercising without breaking your wallet! They provide a variety of surface selections and the fastest speed to fit your needs. They can meet all of your needs, whether you desire a fast workout or a home exercise machine.

Best Treadmill in India Under 30000 – Reviewed

Top Treadmills in India Under 3000 INR

In this article, we have reviewed the best treadmills that you can buy for the price of 30000 INR. To review and add these products to our list, we have gone through several reviews of fitness enthusiasts and have talked, and our fitness gurus have surveyed the information to find and make a list that is best for you.

#1. Treadmill Stunner Fitness S6 Smart Motorized

Stunner Fitness is a fresh entrant in the fitness-equipment sector. They hope to fill a niche in the increasing home exercise machine sector by providing low-cost, high-quality equipment that is easy to use and beautiful. The treadmills have a lot of great features, and we’ll be getting them soon. The Stunner Fitness S6 very prominent model in their portfolio and a fantastic alternative for people looking for a solid treadmill for less than 30,000. Let’s get into the details.

Stunner Fitness’ powered Treadmill is an attractive and robust treadmill created exclusively for business use. It has an outstanding Dc source with 2.0 hp continuous power and 3.0 horsepower maximum power, providing users with unrivaled acceleration throughout exercises of up to 15 kilometers per hour.

Maximum weight: Stunner Fitness can accommodate individuals weighing up to 115 kg. A mass of 115 kg is appropriate for healthy exercisers, gym goers, or indeed runners who wish to utilize Stunner Fitness without worrying about breaking their frames.

Pre-installed programs: The Stunner Workout treadmill arrives with 12 fitness programs pre-installed. These applications are wonderful for allowing users to tailor their workout by simply pushing a button.

Other beneficial aspects It also includes a built-in cooling fan to help users stay cool during workouts. It also has an MP3 player, a tablet/smartphone stand, and a headphone jack. Stunner Fitness is entirely accessible with Apple iOS and Android smartphones, allowing users to exercise practically anywhere in the world.

Speed: Stunner Fitness may be designed to run at rates ranging from 0 – 15 mph by adjusting the time & pace settings. To achieve their fitness goals, users can select any workout program or construct their own workout regimen.


  • The operation is relatively quiet.
  • A solid and durable build.
  • It’s simple to set up & take down.


  • Do not remain silent while operating

#2. Stunner Fitness STX -230 2.0HP (4.0HP Peak)

The Stunner Fitness STX-230 has a 2 HP(4HP peak) silent motor that can reach speeds of up to 14 km/h. Regarding its console, it includes an LCD and Wireless Bluetooth speakers with an MP3 connection. Cushioned deck technology helps to prevent knee problems. Its design makes it excellent for everyday use. It can support a maximum mass of 110kg.

It reclines for convenient storage and comes with over twelve pre-programmed fitness regimens. The Treadmill is folded and unfolded using an innovative hydraulic mechanism. You have comfy transport wheels to help with transportation. Despite having an immensely strong motor, its level of noise is less than 68DB. It is equipped with an anti-skid jogging belt and an emergency stop device to safeguard itself.

Treadmill maintenance is simple with the Stunner Fitness STX – 230because it has a highly reliable semi-auto lubrication mechanism. It’s a simple technique to keep the Treadmill working well for a long time.


  • Speed range: 1.0-14km/h
  • It is simple to fold and unfurl.
  • Technology for shock absorption
  • Hotkeys for acceleration and inclination
  • Dual built-in wireless speakers
  • Quiet 2.0HP (4.0HP Peak) motor


  • Pricing could be lowered a bit

#3. Cockatoo CTM 05 1.5 HP – 2 HP

If you’re looking for a low-cost treadmill, the Cockatoo CTM -04-05 is an excellent option. It has a 5′′ LED screen and can hold up to 90kg. It features a sleek look with a sophisticated finish in terms of design. It is powered by a 1.5 horsepower motor that can continuously operate up to 2 horsepower at max. In regards to an inclination, it has three manual incline levels to deliver the most effective workout.

It has 12 workout presets, the same as the past versions in the list above. This model includes pulse-grip handrails to keep a record of one’s heart rate while running. It also has a bottle container, USB, & Aux input for listening to music while running. When you’re finished, fold it up.

The speed range will indeed be 0.8-14 km/hr. If you’re looking for a treadmill for light walking or running, this is a nice option at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for a treadmill to do a strenuous workout, this isn’t the machine for you.


  • Pulse sensors for handrails
  • Folds effortlessly
  • three levels
  • Transportation wheels that enable simple mobility


  • It cannot take weight above 80 kgs

#4. Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 (2.5HP Peak)

The Lifelong FitPro is the finest option if you’re looking for a low-cost treadmill that can handle all of your fitness needs. The Treadmill includes many of the features you’d expect from a home treadmill, and it has received a lot of positive feedback. It is driven by a silent 2.5 HP motor and can travel up to 10 kilometers per hour.

To offer optimum comfort, 8 shock absorbers absorb shock at greater speeds. The jogging surface is non-slip, making it safe to run on. Because the step-up level is so modest, switching between the two is straightforward. This treadmill, like the others on the list below, has 12 pre-programmed programs. This Treadmill is quite quiet in contrast to its amazing performance.

It is strongly advised that you select a reputed voltage stabilizer for your treadmill. This Treadmill is perfect for light joggers. It can support weights of up to 90kg. Other features include a beverage holder, a safety clasp, and a 90-degree folding AUX music connector. There’s nothing spectacular about it, but when you look at the cost and features, this Treadmill might be the most effective. The price is simply exceptional.


  • Frame Warranty for Life
  • Design that is foldable and shockproof
  • 12 Pre-set Workout Routines
  • Cost-effective


  • Only a 10 km/hr speed range

#5. FitKit FT 063 Motorized Treadmill

FitKit is a good treadmill brand that produces treadmills in a variety of pricing points and ranges. At 30000, the FitKit FT063 is the ideal Treadmill. It is driven by a 2HP(3HP)DC motor. The speed limit is 14 km/h. This unit may be successfully customized to the requirements of walkers & runners. The load capacity for participants is 100 kg.

This version has the widest incline ability on this list, with a 15 ° auto incline. A nice 48.42′′ x 16.53′′ running belt is ideal for runners & joggers as well as household treadmills. FitKit provides highly useful live training sessions to make your training more pleasurable. One Fit Plus Live provides quality live programming for free for one year. It also features thrilling video games.

The user-friendly primary display of the console included a big LCD screen. Anti-shock mechanisms are built into multi-layered running surfaces to protect your knees. It can also track your heart rate while you’re running. With this machine, folding and unfolding are simple tasks. Overall, the FitKit FT063 is a strong device with a quiet & smooth motor. It also has a lot of cool features. It’s the most inexpensive for the money.


  • Automobile lubrication
  • Simple to use
  • The maximum user weight is 100 kg.
  • 15-level automatic incline
  • Live exercise sessions


  • The customer service is good but not great

#6. The MAXPRO PTM405 2HP Folding Treadmill (4 HP Peak)

The MAXPRO PTM405 2HP Folding Treadmill focuses on the greatest features to allow you more influence over your fitness routine, including an outstanding 2HP (4 HP peak) DC Motor. Aside from its gorgeous aesthetic, the Treadmill is the utmost in terms of performance. It features a 5-inch blue-LED screen as well as a three-step manual inclined. The console is simple to operate and displays information such as pulse, time, duration, speed, & calories. It has thumb sensors that help to track your heart rate while running. The Treadmill includes a phone holder so you may use your phone while jogging. You can also listen to music while training because it has an AUX input.

The Treadmill is foldable and rollable. It is simple since it includes a soft fold technique for the descent. It has wheels for movement, which makes transporting the Treadmill from one position to another simple.

The multi-layered jogging belt reduces joint tension, lowering the risk of injury. The MAXPRO PTM 405 is one of the best treadmills under 30000, thanks to its 12 preset programs and outstanding performance.


  • 5′′ Blue LCD display
  • The user’s maximum weight is 110 kg.
  • The operation is quiet.
  • DC motor with a 2.0 HP (four HP at peak) rating.
  • The speed ranges from 1 to 14 km/h.


  • After-sale support is not up to the mark.

#7. KAMACHI KTM-05 Steel 2 HP Motorized Treadmill

KAMACHI manufactures both motorized and manual treadmills of high quality. This KTM 05 is considered one of the greatest treadmills under 25000 INR in its price range. This treadmill has a 2 Horsepower motor with a top speed of about 10km/h. You may easily run & workout towards your cardio & weight loss objectives at this tempo. The space is 48 inches long and 16 inches wide, and it can sustain 100 kilograms. And because this treadmill is foldable, you can fold it up and save space when you’re through. This treadmill’s computerized display will show you duration, pulse, distance, calories, and speed. It also contains a few workout regimens.

The controls on this console allow you to modify the mode. In the center, a security key will immediately shut the motor in the event of an emergency. It also features two bottle holders and two mini speakers that may be used through USB or auxiliary input.


  • 2 HP power motor is strong enough even for short runs, everyday jogs, and other activities.
  • Three years of warranty provides you peace of mind. We are constantly concerned about the possibility of a motor fire.
  • The belt is 1.4mm thick, making it suitable for fast walking while providing some protection.


  • There is no inclination.
  • The running area is not large enough – and long enough even for tall individuals or those with big strides.
  • Due to the lack of padding and motor constraints, this shoe is not suitable for fast or long runs.

#8. Fitkit Ft100s Series 1.75HP (3.25HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill

Fitkit Ft100s is among the few treadmills under 25000 INR that has Google Home & Alexa capabilities. You could use one’s voice to operate the treadmill with this. For example, altering the speed to ask for the distance traveled, etc. This treadmill features a 1.75 horsepower motor with a peak output of 2.35 HP. This permits the treadmill to travel between 0.8 km/hr to 14 km/hr.

The jogging strap is 45 inches in length & 16 inches wide. More area would be required for full-fledged running, but this is sufficient for domestic use. The monitor and console are sufficiently large. It has USB speakers and an aux input. It also contains an LCD panel in which you can see miles, time, calories, and so forth. There are two drink holders, as well as speed and mode buttons. An emergency braking button is located in the center, and the pulse sensor is located on the railing.


  • It includes a plethora of app-based features and connectivity. It will assist you in remaining motivated and on track.
  • After purchasing the treadmill, you will receive a free workout plan, diet plan, and doctor consultation.
  • Foldable treadmill using Soft Drop technology that allows for effortless folding.
  • The maximum user weight is 110 kg.
  • With a top speed of 14km/hr, it is ideal for speed walking & light jogging.


  • You could run if the jogging area was slightly bigger. You’ll also need more padding in your running belt.
  • In my perspective, voice commands is not strictly necessary for a treadmill.

#9. Hercules Fitness TMN- 10 4Function Manual Treadmill

Hercules Fitness Basic Treadmill

This Hercules treadmill is a manual treadmill with a lot of features. It aspires to be a full home gym system. This manual treadmill includes a stepper, a push-up bar, several support grips, a twister, and a three-level manual inclination. This treadmill is also foldable, which surprised me. However, if the handles had been collapsible, we could have preserved a significant amount of space. The running area measures 14 inches broad by 47 inches long.  One would just not run on this manual treadmill because it is hard on the knees. However, for leisurely walking, this treadmill environment is ideal.


  • Treadmill with multiple functions for varied weight loss workouts.
  • Have a manual inclination so that walking periods can be adjusted more challenging.


  • Manual treadmills are difficult on the knees.
  • Only manually set the incline.

#10. Healthgenie 4012M, Motorized Treadmill

Healthgenie 4012M 4.0 HP Peak Motorized Treadmill

The Helathgenie treadmill arrives 95% built; all that is required is the use of three screws. He offers a one-year assurance on the motor and a three-year guarantee on the frame. Which, I suppose, could be extended. The 2 Horsepower motor has a peak power of 4 Horsepower and can attain speeds of up to 14 km/h. The running space is 16 inches wide and 48 inches long.

There is a heart rate sensor, and the LED display displays distance, speed, time, calories, and other information. To save space, the treadmill can easily be folded. Bottle and phone holders are located around the main console. It has speakers, but I seldom use treadmill speakers.


  • A treadmill with a simple design that folds up and takes up little space.
  • You have 12 predefined programs at your disposal.
  • A two-level manual inclination is ideal for increasing resistance throughout a workout.
  • The maximum user weight is 110kg, which is suitable for most applications.


  • Although the motor has a top speed of 14km/h, the running area might be larger.

Things To Consider While Buying Best Treadmills Under 30000

Overspending on a treadmill will bring you the most effective Treadmill, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to acquire the best Treadmill in India for far less than 30000 rupees. We’ve chosen the best models based on a variety of criteria. Examine the following factors in the preceding list.


The motor is one of the features you should be aware of when selecting an exercise machine. 4 to 5 HP is suitable for most people’s workout needs on a treadmill at home.


All of the treadmills on this list have a good design. When buying a folding treadmill, opt for one that includes a foldable function because they are simple to use. Several treadmills incorporate hydraulic support for convenient folding/unfolding.


When you exercise, the incline changes which muscles you focus on. Some treadmills feature a manually adjustable incline, while others have a mechanical auto-incline. Depending on the model, it can range from 2 to 15 levels.


Select a treadmill that has a shock-absorbing belt. They’re smooth and soft, and they won’t hurt your knees. Because these are house treadmills, not gym treadmills, you should expect a reasonably sized belt.

Motor’s Power:-

Its speed is determined by the motor’s power. Motors should support the user’s weight while also providing the necessary speed to run; consequently, selecting an adequate motor is critical in treadmills.

Running Platform:-

The running ground is the area or belt on which the user must run. Taller people should wear longer belts because their strides are longer. Most treadmills include a wider running surface as well as spring shock absorbers.

The Benefits of Owning a Treadmill:-

Pollution in the environment

India is home to one of the 12 most polluted cities in the world. This is a strong signal. We cannot control our surroundings outside, but we can manage our surroundings within our homes by planting plants, utilizing good air purifiers, or other devices that will assist make exercise physically healthy.

You are in command

This is the decisive advantage. You can work out whenever you want, whether it’s in the daytime, evening, or night. How much time do you want to spend on a treadmill? Maintain consistency in your running / walking to see effects. Treadmills have a smoother surface and a shock absorber to reduce the impact of both running and walking.


This article has listed some of the most affordable treadmills under 30,000. You can perform treadmill walking each day of the week once you’re acclimated to it. I hope that by reading this site, you will no longer be perplexed in making your decision and that you will have enough knowledge about your ideal treadmill.