Best Smartwatch Under 3000

Best Smartwatch Under 3000 In India – 2022

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Looking for the best smartwatches that have affordable pricing yet are efficient in their capability?

A smartwatch is a computing device that resembles a wristwatch very closely. Smartwatches are Bluetooth-capable and can be connected to a user’s smartphone. This helps the user to read email and text messages, answer phone calls, ask questions to a digital assistant, listen to music and watch videos from various social platforms.

What Do Smartwatches Offer: 

  • Includes heart informatics such as blood oxygen level, heart rate and blood pressure
  • Emergency calls for assistance if the gadget detects that the user has fallen down
  • Messaging and calling features
  • Social media and other apps notifications
  • Music, games and other entertainment options
  • GPS tracking is one significant necessity on every device

Now let’s look at the Best SmartWatch available for under 3000 INR in India.

Best Smartwatch Under 3000 – SneakPeek

Product  Image

Product Name


Zebronics ZEB-FIT4220CH

Fire-Boltt Talk Smartwatch

Fire-Boltt Beast SpO2

Realme TechLIfe Watch S100

boAt Xtend Smartwatch

Noise ColorFit Pulse 2

Noise Fit Active with SpO2

Now Let’s Dive Deep Into Best Smartwatch Under 3000

#1.Zebronics ZEB-FIT4220CH

Zebronics ZEB-FIT4220CH

Zebronics ZEB-FIT4220CH

Best Under Budget

  • 7 Kind of Smart Sport Modes, Like Pedometer, Calorie Burn and Distance Tracker
  • Control Music, Calling, and Enable Camera Shutter, Straight From The Watch.
  • 2.5D Curved Display that Looks So Good with Metal Body

A reasonably priced smart wearable at Rs.2,199 with a tonne of capabilities is the Zebronics ZEB-FIT4220CH. It feels fairly luxurious and has a metal 47mm case that makes it look more like a conventional chronograph than a smart band or smartwatch. It also provides Bluetooth calling and SpO2 tracking. The average, low-resolution display requires manual brightness adjustment because there is no ambient light sensor. The programme is a little customizable and, at best sparse, yet it operates without any latency or stuttering. For this type of smartwatch, the battery life is typical, but charging it is difficult because the magnetic connector is prone to breaking. Seven athletic modes and fitness regimens are all that the smartwatch offers, which seems a little sparse.


  • Water Resistant
  • Bluetooth Calling Functionality
  • Design and Look Is Way Better


  • Cluttered UI.
  • Hard to reply to notifications due to the cluttered UI.

#2. Fire-Boltt Talk Smartwatch

Fire-Boltt Talk Smartwatch

Fire-Boltt Talk Smartwatch

Most Stylish Smartwatch In Category

  • The rounded design is so sturdy and sexy
  • Bluetooth calling functionality to ensure smooth calling.
  • Sports Modes, like Pedometer, Distance Tracker, Calorie Tracker and Much More
  • Voice Assistant Support

The Fire-Boltt Talk is a brand-new smartwatch with a competitive price tag of Rs.1,797. With a round colour display, SpO2 and heart-rate monitoring, and the unusual capability to serve as a hands-free device for your smartphone, the gadget is surprisingly well-equipped for the price. Your smartphone can be used to pair the Bluetooth-enabled Fire-Boltt Talk, which can then use the latter’s built-in speaker and microphone to serve as a hands-free device.

The Fire-Boltt Talk is excellent in many aspects. However, it has some tracking accuracy problems, and it was difficult to use the UI and software. However, if you require a functional wrist-worn hands-free device for calls, it’s a nice item for the price and worth considering.


  • Comfortable Fit
  • Comes with Bluetooth Calling
  • Accurate Monitoring of SpO2 and Heart Rate
  • Activity Tracking is Reliable


  • BP Monitoring Is Not Perfect
  • Battery Life Could be Improved

#3.Fire-Boltt Beast

Fire-Boltt Beast SpO2

Fire-Boltt Beast SpO2

Water Resistant Player in The Category

  • Accurate Tracking Of SpO2
  • Unique Rotating Button & Quick Access Menu
  • 8 Days Battery Life and Multiple Watch Faces to Customise It According To Your Likings.
  • Multiple Workout Modes & IP 67 Certified

The Fire-Boltt Beast, which costs Rs. 2,499 and works with Android devices, has a striking resemblance to the Apple Watch series in appearance. The new reasonably priced wristwatch can be connected to a smartphone for notifications and call alerts, and it also tracks heart rate, SpO2, steps, and sleep. The 1.69-inch colour screen is sizable, and the battery life, at roughly 3 days per charge, is respectable.

Good tracking features, respectable appearance, and a good screen make this a worthwhile smartwatch to consider for under Rs. 3,000, despite some shortcomings with the software and interface.


  • Easy to Operate UI
  • The Display is Top Notch
  • Provides Accurate Measures


  • Bulkier Compared To Other Smartwatches
  • No GPS Tracking Functionality

#4. Realme TechLIfe Watch S100

Realme TechLIfe Watch S100

  • Multiple Watch Faces to Customise It
  • Up to 12 Days of Battery Life
  • Water Resistant Design, Makes it Ideal for Situations Like Rain
  • Design is Ultra Light Weight, Yet Feels so Premium

Priced at Rs.2,299, the 1.69-inch colour screen on the Realme TechLife Watch S100 makes it a practical full-sized smartwatch that works well for seeing and reading notifications. Heart rate, blood oxygen level, and body temperature are just a few of the fitness and health tracking features.

The device is fairly economical and works well for alerts. However, it performs poorly when it comes to fitness and health tracking, with inconsistent step counts and frequently erroneous readings for heart rate and SpO2. If you want a cheap device with a large screen, it would be worthwhile to take this into account, but a good fitness tracker will probably serve you better. 


  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Wide Range of Service Network
  • Good Battery Life
  • Looks Stylish and Classy


  • Strap Belt Quality Could Be Improved

#5. boAT Xtend T- Rebel Edition

boAT Xtend Smartwatch

boAt Xtend Smartwatch
  • Alexa Built In
  • Multiple Watch Faces
  • Perfect Sleep Tracking
  • 14 Type of Sport Mode Like Pedometer
  • Spo2 Monitoring Kind of On The Point.

The boAt Xtend T-Rebel Edition has Alexa built-in, which can assist with tasks like setting reminders and alarms, providing weather information, and keeping you updated on the results of live football games, among other things. The device sports a huge 1.69-inch screen and an LCD. Additionally, the Voice Assistant embedded into your device will notify you of any missed calls or text messages. Additionally, it will prompt you to drink water at the appropriate moment.

It has an auto-brightness feature that enables the smartwatch to change the display brightness depending on the surrounding conditions. You’ll see that the smartwatch contains a stress level meter (Heart Rate Variabilities) and that it also monitors your sleep patterns. It features 14 different activity modes. With an affordable price of Rs. 2,999, this smartwatch is a great purchase for everyone looking for one below the price tag of Rs. 3000.


  • Auto Brightness Adjust Feature
  • Enlarged Screen
  • Stress Level Monitoring


  • Battery Drains Faster
  • Build Quality Could be Improved

#6. Noise ColorFit Pulse 2 Grand Smartwatch

Noise ColorFit Pulse 2

Noise ColorFit Pulse 2

Sleek and Sexy Metalic Body

  • 550 Nits Brightness, Helps You To Check Your Watch & Notifications in High Sunrays also.
  • Less Bezels and More Screen Area
  • Jet Black Color Looks Good and Gives Metalic Feel
  • Fast Charging and Battery Backup Support

With a price range of Rs. 2,400, the Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand is one of the most popular smartwatches on the market, with a massive 1.8-inch LCD display and offers you a whopping 60 activity modes—the most in its class. With just a 15-minute charge, this smartwatch’s battery can last up to 24+ hours, which is an excellent battery recharge capability.

This smartwatch comes with more than 150 backgrounds allowing you a wide variety of customizing it. The wristwatch has a Noise Health guide that includes features to track your menstrual cycle and provide you with detailed information on your heart health, sleep hygiene, stress level, and blood oxygen saturation. The reply option is also included with the smartwatch. 


  • Lightweight, Makes it Ideal for Daily Use
  • 60+ Workout Modes and Tracking
  • Good Brightness, Makes it Better in Sunlight


  • Inconsistent Tracking of Sleep
  • No BuIlt in BP Monitor

#7. NoiseFit Active

Noise Fit Active with SpO2

Flipkart Exclusive

  • This one from Noise is Flipkart exclusive SmartWatch, with 1.28 Inch of Rounded Screen
  • Real-time blood oxygen monitor
  • The weather forecast, call rejection-like features to make it cool to have
  • Dedicated NoiseFit app that syncs with smartwatch
  • Wake gesture and vibration alert-like features.

This smartwatch is more flexible in comparison to the design of traditional fitness trackers. Consisting of a health tracking feature, this device offers blood oxygen tracking, heart rate along with exercising modes. With an extremely stylish shape, also inclusive of various strap colours like Power Blue, Zesty Grey, Sporty Red and Robust Black. It comes with a good and efficient notification pop-up alert and the apps pre-installed in it. For buyers looking for a product less than 3000, this smartwatch is all you need with a decent price of Rs. 2,499. 


  • Good Battery Backup
  • Large Display, Notifications and All Apps are Clearly Visible.


  • Less Brightness
  • Lack of Better Tracking Capabilities

#8. Realme Watch 3

Realme Watch 3

RealMe Watch 3

Bluetooth Calling Functionality

  • 1.8 Inch curved glass touch display
  • Upto 7 days of battery life
  • You can charge this smartwatch in just 2.5 hours
  • This one is perfect for workouts as this is IP68 certified water resistant.

Another one from the house of RealMe, With a price range of Rs. 2,999, this smartwatch is efficient with versatile features. It is a Bluetooth calling smartwatch and also includes a dial pad, contact book, and call history choices in addition to an AI ENC feature, a dedicated mic, and a speaker for improved use. The smartwatch is sturdy and protected from spills and dust thanks to its IP68 rating. In addition, modern functions like a stopwatch, a weather forecast, a music player, and a camera shutter controller are available.

A 24-hour heart rate monitor, a SpO2 tracker to assess blood oxygen saturation, a stress monitor, and a sleep tracker that accurately identifies the sleep cycle are all featured in the wristwatch as health monitors. It features a pedometer and an activity tracker as well, which provide information on workouts, calorie burn, steps, etc. The watch has 110+ sports modes, including cycling, football, climbing, and walking.

The Realme Watch 3 smartwatch’s 340mAh battery may provide up to 7 days of power backup under typical use. The wristwatch comes pre-charged with a USB dock charger, and it takes about 2 hours to recharge the battery fully.


  • SpO2 Data Is Kinda Accurate
  • Decent Battery Life
  • Bright Display & Lightweight


  • Plastic Build Quality
  • TFT Panel & No GPS Support

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History of Smartwatch

Smartwatches can be tracked to as early as the 1970s. One of the first digital smartwatches to ever be launched was Hamilton Pulsar, released in 1972. One thing that comes to light is how the world has reached a phase where computers have become small enough to fit into a wristwatch. Followed by the first ever smartwatch came the Calcron calculator watch, which featured a nine-digit display. 

Another smartwatch that came out in 1983 was Seiko Data 2000. It was capable enough to store two memos of 1000 characters each and could be meticulously attached to the keyboard. 

In 1984, Seiko RC 1000 was released. It connected to a personal computer, and in 1990, it released Receptor MessageWatch. A MessageWatch was a watch that received paper messages. Throughout the 1990s, wearable computers had complex battery lives and complex data storage capabilities. 

Some of the first smartwatches were based on Microsoft-generated SPOT(Smart Personal Objects Technology). The first SPOT in 2004 watches were introduced by Fossil and Suunto. The watches received important mails and instant messages along with news, weather and stock updates. 

In 2010, smartwatches gained immense popularity. Apple Watch, released in 2013, began to take a role in the m mobile computing market. 

Google developed a mobile OS which was Android Wear, in 2014.  

What are the practical uses of a smartwatch?

Best workout companion
Useful to run errands 
Efficient to keep notifications

Can smartwatches be hacked?

Incorporate your smartwatch with strong passwords, install a digital safety solution, allow few permissions, and a regular update of your device will protect your gadget from malware dysfunction.

Is the health data accurate?

Most smartwatches provide reliable data, if not a hundred percent accurate. Brands like Apple, Samsung and Suunto are known for their precision.
Cheaper brands are reliable, though.


We hope that our list of the best smartwatches under 3,000 won’t only help you learn about the features you need in a smartwatch but also show you that there are other options available outside of the big tech companies like Apple’s iWatch series and Samsung’s Galaxy series.