Best Cycles Under 5000 INR

10 Best Cycles Under 5000 INR (Mountain and Road Bicycle)

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Cycling is a fantastic hobby for an endlessly exciting journey. What can be more fun than riding a bicycle in good weather? 

You can travel on exciting roads and measure open spaces with a nice bicycle. Riding a bicycle always makes you feel like a fantastic rider, regardless of how experienced you are at cycling

Riding a bicycle comes along with health benefits. Cycling’s health advantages surpass those of almost every other sport, and they are as boundless as the roads you will ride your cycles down. Cycling is not only a terrific method to improve your physical and mental health, but it’s also one of the most affordable, accessible, and simple ways to unwind and enjoy the most priceless pastime of your life. 

Bicycles are comfortable and cheap transportation with easy maintenance. The upcoming of many companies in the bicycle industry has created a showcase of power and created a masterpiece to ride on luxury and opulence. 

Tips Before Buying a Cycle – Things You Need to Consider Before Buying One

You have made the decision to purchase your first road bike, but doing so can be intimidating and perplexing due to a large number of various models available, each of which is constructed utilizing unique materials and feature sets. Trying to decide which option is the best for you might be difficult. If you are shopping for a bicycle and experiencing a similar predicament, then we can assist you in making your selection.

Before buying a bicycle, you must be clear about what you want. There are three types of bicycles: Road bikes, Hybrid bikes and, M.T.B.

Road bikes have narrow tires, usually used by professionals for long-distance rides. It is a fast-paced bicycle with an aggressive position to ride. Hybrid bikes are a combination of road bikes and hybrid bikes, and their tires are mediocre between them and suitable for daily commutes. MTB is the most usable bike, its tires are wide, so it can’t run too fast on the road as compared to the road bike. However, MTB supports all terrains and is perfect for off-roading at any place.

The second is the gear system, which highly depends on your budget. Generally, gear bicycles are expensive. Gear bicycles are suitable for slope or mountain riding and also off-roading. However, the bicycle without gear can be upgraded with gear.

The frame size and tire size decide the comforts of a rider. One can select and alter the frame size according to their height. The body frame of a bicycle is made of aluminum, steel, and carbon. The material of your bicycle also depends on your budget. Usually, steel frames are easily available at a low price, aluminum bicycles are cost-effective and durable with life long warranty by the company, and carbon frames are lightweight and highly expensive.

If you are buying a bicycle, you can buy it online and offline. However, you need to assemble the bicycle when buying online. On the other hand, when buying offline, you can test it and analyze it for your suitability. You can also purchase a second-hand bike from nearby shops if you are looking for a highly featured bike that is out of your budget.

Here we have top selling bicycles available in India under 5000 of budget. This will help you to choose the perfect ride for a thrilling adventure experience.

Best Cycles Under 5000

Best Cycle Under 5000 post is your one-stop guide to know more about the cycles that you can buy under 5000, We have listed best mountain bikes and racing bikes under this budget.

Let’s have a look at best MTB cycles and Racing Cycles under this budget.

Top 10 Best Cycles Under 5000 INR

So let’s dive deep into the selections of Best Cycle under 5000. We tried to make this list as better as possible by testing each of them and know all about the cycles. I personally own a Leader Scout bicycle for my kid, and that one is amazing under the price; it got delivered fast and installed by a technician sent by Amazon itself.

You can also shoot a mail at if you would like to know our recommendation or consultation before buying a cycle.

#1. Hero Kyoto 26T Mountain Bike

Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed 18 inches Frame Mountain Bike

Suitable for both kids and adults, the Mountain Bike is ideally designed for daily long-distance ridings. The frame of the bicycle is a sturdy structure made of high steel material. The robust steel frame of a cycle is 18 inches, and the durable tire of 26 inches with a linear-pull brake type is efficient for a long life smooth ride.

The bicycle has an adjustable PU saddle for a comfortable position, with non-slip pedals for ideal daily unstoppable commuting. The feature of multiple light reflectors for nighttime safety and front-rear V brakes, and single-speed gear make it robust for multiple terrains.


  • Hero Kyoto Mountain is lightweight and runs smoothly.
  • Sturdy steel frame suitable for individuals average height between 5.4 ft. To 5.10 ft.
  • Efficient V brake to ride on difficult paths.


  • Cycle bells or horns are not available.
  • No safety lock system.

#2. Hero Sprint Santiago 26T SS

Hero Santiago 26T

The most selling out, Hero Sprint Santiago 26T SS is one the most affordable bicycles. It’s a hybrid bike for adults and comes in a stylish white color frame of 18 inches in size with 26 inches of the tire. It offers a PU saddle, Reflectorised Anti Skid Pedal, and V brakes that support a sudden action mechanism highly utilizable for ‎Trail, Road, and Gravel.

It has single-speed gear giving you a fun and hassle-free experience every time you ride it. The lightweight bicycle requires low maintenance and is highly durable. The bicycle will give you an enjoyable ride with its easy comfortable features and makes daily commutes easier.


  • ‎Highly efficient on trail, road, and gravel.
  • Low maintenance with high durability.
  • Single-speed gear and trustable V brakes.
  • Affordable and reliable.


  • Hero Sprint Santiago 26T SS is designed for adults and not suitable for short-height individuals.

#3. Leader Scout MTB 26T Mountain Bicycle

Leader Scout MTB 26T Mountain Bicycle

MTB’s Leader Scout 26T is another best high-quality and affordable budget-friendly bicycle. The rigid suspension mountain bike has a Strong Steel Frame for great durability and strength. The bicycle has an adjustable soft PU Saddle and high grip tires with Protective Chain Guard for safer traction for different terrains. 

The single-speed gear cycle will provide ultimate mobility to ride it with ease. Braking System supports high-power brakes to control all terrains, easy to use and maintain for a long time. The long-lasting and high traction tires are 26 inches in size, built with high-quality rubber and tread design that enables the rider on both off roads and urban roads in wet and dry conditions.


  • The frame body of the Leader Scout 26T bicycle is made of strong steel.
  • Highly durable and reliable.
  • Good handle grip bar.
  • Accessories like the front, rear, spoke reflector, and a side stand are present


  • Not available for kids

#4.Hero Mig RS Single Speed Bike

Hero Mig RS Single Speed Bike for Unisex Adults

Hero Mig RS is a unisex single-speed bicycle with a stylish, athletic frame design for strength and security. The bicycle is available in an electric blue color with accents of green and black on the body of the bike and is appropriate for teenagers and adults. The bicycle’s durable and robust steel frame makes it ideal for quick daily commutes and quick weekend trips because it is less likely to sustain damage and is simple to maintain over time.

A single-speed, unisex bicycle for men and women named Hero Mig RS features a trendy, athletic frame for stability and strength. With accents of green and black on the body of the bike, the bicycle is available in electric blue and is suitable for both adults and teenagers. Due to its sturdy steel frame’s ability to withstand stress and strain as well as ease of maintenance over time, the bicycle is perfect for fast weekend getaways and daily commutes.


  • It comes in single-speed gear.
  • It comes with anti-skid tires. 
  • It has a very attractive sporty look.


  • The saddle is hard and uncomfortable.

#5. Atlas Ultimate City 26T Matt Black

Atlas Unisex Steel Ultimate City

Belongs to a most trusted brand Atlas Ultimate City 26T Matt Black is a standard Mountain Bike perfectly designed for boys and adults. The model is made of strong steel material and available in matt black color. The steel frame of Ultimate City 26T is of size 18 Inches, and the size of the tire is 26 inches, giving the cycle minimum height of 30 inches.

It is a single-speed gear cycle with standard V brakes that help you gain confidence and ride without any fear. Suitable for an ideal young adult. The plus point of this cycle is that it comes with trainer wheels, which support a carefree and risk-free ride. If you are looking for a long durable cycle at an affordable price for an adult, then Atlas Ultimate City 26T Matt Black is the best option.


  • It is durable for an adult.
  • Great quality at an affordable rate.
  • Strong solid steel body frame.


  • Not suitable for short-height individuals.

#6. BSA Photon Ex with Bar End Bicycle

BSA Unisex-Adult Steel Photon Ex Road Bike

Ages 11 and up are the target market for bicycles. For improved riding comfort, it boasts a compact, lightweight classic frame. Thin SLR white-walled robust nylon is used to make the tires and tubes. The sports bicycle features 26-inch wheels and a frame height of 21 inches. It is crucial for many riders that the sporty bicycle has dual V brakes and dual suspension (Cantilever Brakes; Included Components: Kickstand).

Cycles made by BSA Photon are renowned for their quality. One of the best cycles available from them at a reasonable cost is this one. For people of various heights, the saddle can be modified to provide a comfortable seating position. With soft rubber grips, the handlebar is specifically made to provide a comfortable riding position for lengthy rides. To provide it the much-needed stability, the frame is composed of steel.


  • It has a dual suspension feature
  • It has a durable sturdy frame
  • The cycle provides a carrier


  • It may not be suitable for tall people.

#7. Viva Ride 26T Mountain Bike

Viva RYDE On 26T Mountain Bike

Another reasonably priced and dependable mountain bike is the Viva Ride 26T model. It will make it easier for you to explore heights. It is a nice and comfortable bicycle with an excellent saddle, and the steel frame gives it much-needed steadiness. It is a single-speed gear cycle with a low-maintenance ride. It incorporates a V brake to make stopping easy for you and extend the life of your bicycle.

The soft and comfortable PU saddle will give you long Comfortable Rides,

Comes with an adjustable Saddle with a reinforced plastic shell. The strong, robust steel frame is 19 inches in size, and the double alloy wheel size is 26 Inches.


  • Strong, Robust Steel Frame
  • The BB cartridge contains sealed bearings.
  • Smooth pedaling and pedals have reflectors


  • Viva Ride 26T Mountain Bike has no suspension.

#8. Hercules MTB Turbodrive

Hercules MTB Turbodrive Rocky 3.0 26T Bicycle

The Hercules MTB Turbodrive has made its position in the list of best bikes in recent years. The business has a reputation for marketing cycles for men and boys that encourage them to embark on new journeys and live life to the fullest. Hercules MTB Turbodrive, on the other hand, is a unisex bike that is priced reasonably. It looks beautiful because of the body’s brilliant neon color.

Steel provides strength and durability to the semi-assembled cycle. The body frame is 19 inches, and the tires are 26 inches, making it acceptable for anyone over the age of 14. It has a single-speed gear, V brakes, a comfy saddle, a TurboDrive chain wheel with mudguard, and a perfectly gripping handlebar that makes it ideal for riding on a road and requires no maintenance. The cycle’s powerful caliper brakes offer assistance in the most challenging circumstance. Additionally, it boasts front-rear suspension, an aero soft grip, flying plastic fenders, and a beautifully integrated carrier.


  • It has a unique Y shape body frame.
  • Hercules MTB Turbodrive is a unisex cycle.
  • It provides a carrier, aero soft grip, and a powerful brake system.
  • It has front-rear suspensions.


  • Complexity in assembling requires a technician to do the work.

#9. Vaux Excel 20 Green Kids Bicycle

Vaux Excel 20T Kids Bicycle for Boys

Vaux Excel 20 best cycle suitable for children between the age of 7 to 12 years. There is no need to worry about the tires because the bicycle features tubeless ones. The bike is readily accessible in three lovely colors and is superbly easy to maintain. Kids may ride in comfort, and it has a unique design. It offers a carrier, a bottle carrier, and a saddle that can be adjusted in height to provide the kids with a full set of accessories.

The bicycle’s design is intended for children who are between the heights of 3’6″ and 4’3″. The semi-assembled Vaux Excel 20 bicycle comes with the necessary tools for assembly. The bicycle boasts robust V-Brakes that provide safe and responsive braking, and the brake lever is made of plastic. It has a powerful single-piece crankset that makes paddling effortless and smooth. a sturdy plastic chain cover to protect your children.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and low maintenance
  • Adjustable saddle
  • Tubeless tires


  • Some parts are not durable.

#10. Global Bikes 26T with Carrier

Global Bikes Grand Single Speed 26T Bicycle with Carrier

The Grand Single Speed 26T Bicycle from Global Bikes boasts a rustproof frame that extends its lifespan. Power Brakes are also included to prevent difficult falls. The nice aspect is that this cycle requires less maintenance. Global Bikes has a laid-back yet efficient, fashionable yet organized cycle. You won’t feel anything other than the excitement and calm that come with finishing something so important, even after hours of arduous riding. No matter how rocky the road is, this agile bicycle will provide you with a comfortable ride.

The model is composed of sturdy steel, with a steel frame that is 18 inches wide and a tire that is 26 inches wide, giving it an adaptable construction. It contains safety features such as a chain guard, rear disc brakes, and a carrier. fender, rubber tire, and comfy pedals.


  • The cycle structure is adjustable
  • Multiple attractive color options
  • Additional features for durability
  • Provide a carrier


  • Not suitable for short-height individuals.


There is a wide range of bicycles under 5000 budget, and he has listed out some of the most well-rated ones. We hope that our article has helped you in figuring out the best bicycle suitable for you, and now you are ready to buy and go for a thrilling ride. If you like this article, then please share and let us know which one you like the most.