A Quick Conversation With Abhilasha Tiwari – Health Advocate, Crowd Gatherer & Community Builder

Being a hardcore Healthcare advocate and a crowd gatherer, Abhilasha took it to heart when Helen Keller said, “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.

She has been consistently helping people through her online communities for pets (petslyf), food and travel (TreacleTales), education, health (Get fitness expert) and humour in day to day life.

Apart from these, she helps businesses grow their online presence through brand management and collaboration with influencers in India and abroad.

In a small interview, we asked her about the motivation behind her work, to which she replied, ” I believe that change starts from home. By introducing these communities and creating a family-like environment, I want people to connect and create a bond. I see growing distrust among the communities in India, and I intend to bring back harmony among everyone. It is a long road, and I am ready to work on it.”

And how would you like to summarize your professional work?

“I have worked with clients from USA, UK, Australia and Europe. I love interacting with them, and my primary focus remains to gain traction by organic means. It includes paid ads, collaboration and media buying options at a competitive price. Since I am a chatterbox, I make friends with clients and have a reasonable retention rate.

I am working with these clients for more than five years now. I love what I do, the designing process, copywriting, ads, collab, everything. I have recently started a store on Etsy as well, hoping to gain traction over there.”

Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

“Enjoy art. In our busy lifestyle, we often find ourselves lost and unmotivated. Art feeds your soul. Either hone a hobby or enjoy a good piece of art now and then.”

Updated: June 16, 2021 — 3:59 pm

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