10 Free & Low-Budget Marketing Ideas for Any Business

10 Free & Low-Budget Marketing Ideas for Any Business

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We all want to promote our businesses but are sick of sharing pamphlets, throwing money over holdings and flexes, relying on loudspeaker promotions and those high priced new paper ads. Your traditional ideas of promoting your business cost you a lot but in return, you could not get much more worth than a modicum of peanuts.

On the other hand, you have numerous options to promote your business online for free or under a highly restricted small budget.

Here we have 10 free & low budget marketing ideas for any Business:

Start promoting your business over Instagram

Initially, you can start with creating a free account and posting interesting stuff to promote your products and services amongst the people out there you are connected with and later on, you can promote your place by running daily Instagram Ads which starts with less than $1 a day (minimum price).

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are the most effective and to the point targeting platform because in today’s time the majority of your target audience is actively available on Facebook and it is amongst the most reliable search engines and a promising forum to run ads.

Start making informational YouTube videos

Whenever we want to know about something and prefer watching videos instead of reading the whole article. So you can start your YouTube channel for free and in a similar way by providing informative knowledge, you can also sell your respective products and services.

Email Marketing is also an incredible idea

Emails are considered as the most professional platform and ones you know who are interested in the value your business is serving then you can simply use some email marketing platforms for bulk boosting of emails.

Start an eCommerce store

You can open your e-commerce website and can display your products along with their prices and some interesting offers and discounts.

Develop your courses and do webinars

These are very popular ideas of marketing your business online without investing much money and get ample amounts of returns and also stunning responses over the internet. The more value you provide, the more popular you get and once you earn people’s trust you can sell what they want (or make them understand why they want the things you sell).

Make your website WordPress

The easiest and amongst the most effective way of promoting your business online is to make a WordPress website which is much simpler than coding one and you do not need to have any such professional skills or qualifications. With the help of on-page or off-page SEO, you can rank your website on google’s top searches and can get an enormous fraction of an enthusiastic potential audience.

Start writing guest posts on Quora

Guest writing on other people’s blogs and answering questions on quota along with adding your product or website link would also get you also free and organic traffic which you can convert into your consumers. Quora does not charge you anything to write and promote on their server but just make sure to not spam them with false information.

Register yourself on Google my business

Creating a Google my business account is a very convenient and flexible option to promote your shop locations amongst the attracted or concerned audience at a very lower cost so that google can rank you up organically whenever people search for the services you provide or goods you sell.

Start sponsoring smaller online events

It is one of the easy and effortless ways of promoting your business because nowadays there is a trend going on. The trend of online events; it could be some virtual college fest or the drama/cultural events online programs, slam poetry or ghazal virtual competitions etc. And a lot of audiences of all age groups do participate or join them as viewers and the events look for some monetary sponsorship or some goodies (in which you can simply give some product from your promotional category) and in return, they will promote your brand with their full capacity. So it is hands down a very rare but highly effective idea for promoting your products and services or to be specific any business for free or low plus a very restricted budget.


The statement “online promotions are expensive” is an absolute myth, even though it is way more effective and pocket-friendly than the traditional aisle of marketing and promoting any business. ThOnlinearketing offers you the liberty of targeting only tour potential audiences, the ones who are interested and willing to buy or render your products or services respectively.

The above article is an insight into what you can do online to promote your business without much investment at all. Read the above one and resolve all your online marketing queries.