10 Creative Marketing Ideas to use in 2021


The pandemic has created a world of Social Media. Engaging in social media marketing is a very crucial step for brands. Marketing your brands helps you get the customers you need as well as other customers also who have no idea about your brand. New types of small businesses have achieved greater heights after using social media marketing.

To develop the content your audience demands, you need to scrutinize all your plans, goals, and strategies. There are a lot of strategies available on the web when you search for marketing ideas. But helping you pick out the best and the effective ones is what we are here for.

Every brand or business does marketing. But bringing out the most creative and innovative ideas is what makes you special. So here are the 10 most creative marketing ideas that you must use in 2021.

10 most Creative Marketing Ideas

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a very important strategy. Showing creative content is what engages people the most. Social media apps have made video marketing very easy. Make sure that the content you post is similar on all of your handles, be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. There are a lot of ways of video marketing like live video sessions, 1 on 1 engaging session, reels and many more.

Influencer Marketing

Find the right influencers with maximum reach to increase your customers. Influencers do help to create a good brand value and attract people with their content. Doing partnerships with influencers can help you remove your fake followers and get a positive return.

Social Media Stories

After Snapchat came out with the ‘My Story’ feature, now by this year, all the apps have come out with the story feature. Putting up stories helps a lot in the growth of your business. This idea is cost-effective, increases brand awareness and also increases the traffic on your pages. You can put up polls or questions on your Instagram stories, add the link to your website, go live and chat with your audience and also mention other brands.

In this time of social media, rather than running after the SEO trends, try using the strategy of content marketing. Creative, unique and well-written content is what drives the audience to your brand. Content marketing, in recent times, has proven to be a reliable source of information. This strategy will help your brand in the long term. Blogs and content attract much more customers as well as increase their engagement rate.

Shoppable posts and Social Commerce

E-commerce websites have driven a lot of traffic to their brands by using this strategy. Instagram recently released a feature that allows people to directly buy the product from there to avoid switching apps. Ads that people see in their feed grab their attention and make them want to check out the products. Social media apps have brought digital marketing to a whole new level.

Interactive content

Social media apps have diverted the attention of people from reading content to watching content. Reading a lot of details seems tiring on mobile phones but watching relatable content seems fun. Most people spend a lot of their time scrolling and watching reels and stories. And here your roles come into play. Creating funny and engaging content is the key to brand marketing in 2021.

Omnichannel Marketing

The term might seem difficult to understand but is one of the major tools you need right now. It is a process of marketing across multiple channels like apps, email, blog posts, stories, etc. for this, you need to keep your customers engaged at all the platforms. Make sure to use the demand personalization method because fulfilling the demands of the customers is what makes them loyal.

Use ChatBots

Nowadays, people do not go on browsing through various websites to find out what they need. ChatBot available on your website provides all the information your customer is looking for and also it is available all the time.

Organize Contests and Giveaways

People love giveaways and winning contests. This will keep your customer engaged and attracted to the brand. Focus on how you are making people participate. This will generate a lot of leads. You can ask them to share your page and posts or answer some questions. Make sure that the prizes you keep are worth your time and efforts.

Craft viral Memes

One of the best and the most effective strategies is Meme marketing. You might not realize this but by creating viral memes in alignment with your goals, you can boost up your audience. For this, you must know the demands of your customers. Follow the latest trends and convert those into creative and funny memes to keep your customers engaged in your brand.


I have covered the most useful strategies that can help your brand achieve heights. You must adopt the trends and strategies to make a presence between various brands. Creative ideas generate positive results. I hope that these ideas were helpful for you.

Updated: June 13, 2021 — 10:31 am

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